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You have to read this to believe this.

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I can't believe this. What is the world coming to?

Give Peace A Chance

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i saw that - whatever happened to freedom of speech???????????????
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Would it have been fine if it said "Kill Saddam"?
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i can't believe it. that doesn't even make sense.
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Do mall's have a dress code? I never heard of something so stupid,I have seen tee shirts with nude people, drug plants ,swear words etc: What about arresting those people!
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That is really, really strange!!!!! I honestly don't get it!!!!!

It's darn scary though.
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That's rediculous, some people have been wearing similar shirts since before all this mess began, and they didn't get kicked out of malls for wearing them!
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Peace is such a beautiful word. I wonder how they'd have reacted to a shirt that says, "War is Wonderful?" "War is He**," as Patton said. This should be thrown out of court, and he should be able to sue for wrongful prosecution.

Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me! I hope war doesn't become unavoidable.
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It seems that this mall has a history of asking people to leave, when they're wearing "Peace" T-shirts. I don't agree with the mall's policy.

They're claiming that, since the mall is private property, they can tell anyone to leave. However, as I read it, they first asked these men to remove their shirts. When that was refused, they were asked to leave. The citation was for disorderly conduct, which is a catchall charge. It'll probably be dismissed and these men will sue the mall for civil rights infringement.
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This makes me so angry! How in the world could it be so offensive that a guy would be arrested for wearing a T-shirt that asks to give peace a chance? Would they have preferred that he wear a shirt that says kill everyone who doesn't look/pray/believe like me! grrrrr This burns me up!
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This has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard about!!! Maybe they felt this shirt was anti-American somehow since it didn't say something like "Support President Bush's war effort."

I would much rather have peace instead of war anyday!!!
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I read that article three times and I still can't believe it. Amazing...
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Oh my goodness.

That is so bizzarre.

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