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Cat seems bloated, constipated? New pet in house.

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Recently we've introduced a small dog into our home, we have a 5 year old female sphinx cat.

For the last couple weeks she has gotten noticeably larger, checking her litter box she does not seem to be going as much as normal, however we have caught the dog eating her poop so we think it may be this as well.

She seems to be eating normal, she is definitely stressed out due to the new dog - could this have anything to do with it?

Are cat laxatives safe if we try this??

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I am the self-appointed expert of feline constipation on this board, so I think I'll answer this question. Honestly, you might want to consult with a vet to make sure your cat is not backed up. I wouldn't try laxatives at first because animals (and people) can get dependent on them. Medicines are used for last resort. A natural remedy to promote bowel movements in canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling but pure pumpkin). However, the bottom line is to consult a vet in order to rule out anything else.
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I wouldn't give a laxative without consulting a vet and being certain that she is constipated. If she isn't going at all, I doubt she would have lasted a couple of weeks. Is she spayed? Also, do you free feed? If so, she could just be eating more due to stress from the dog (i.e., trying to protect her food to make sure she gets it all).
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She is spayed and by free feed I am assuming you are asking does she always have access to food? If so the answer is yes.

I had considered that she is hoarding her food from the dog. It's hard to keep track of since she has access to her food.

Should I ration her for a short time to see how it goes? I honestly don't even know how much a cat needs to eat she's always had access to her food.
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Does she seem sick in anyway?? Is it just her belly swollen?? Just curious...
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I would measure the amount you feed her. The recommendations on the food package are usually high, but you could start with that and decrease as needed. Also, I would try to find a place for the litterbox that the dog can't get to. If she's stressed by the dog, there is a good chance she may take to doing her business somewhere else where she feels more secure.

If you notice any changes in her behavior, sleeping patterns, appetite, or excretions, please seek medical attention for her. We can't see or examine her, so we can only make guesses based on the information you provide.
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Does she seem sick in anyway?? Is it just her belly swollen?? Just curious...
I think I know why Glitch is asking this question, but I'll wait for a response to it before I give my opinion..

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I would pay more attention to her eating habits, if that means portioning out her food or feeding at certain times, then do it. If the dog is eating her poop, block it from the dog and pay closer attention. Also she could have gotten worms from the dog too.
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How are things going with her now?? She still swollen???
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my thoughts of the swollen belly are worms as well...

fecal sample and vet visit are in order.
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Hey everyone, I appreciate everyones feedback and concerns.

Well we did make it into the vet and after an ultrasound he confirmed it was fluid buildup.

They took blood/urine and we are likely going to get all of the labs done, but from what he was saying I was not too encouraged. He did mention FIP, but they are not going to test for it right away.

For the most part it seems from what he was telling me is that fluid buildup could be any of a lot of different things so I guess we will have to see how this develops.

Thanks again for your feedback and support.

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good luck and many prayers that it is not FIP.
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Oh thats terrible!! I wish they wouldn't have found fluid... Sending prayers that its not FIP! If it is you have a big support group here! I lost one Nov 16th 2007 to FIP, Saya lost 2 in a couple days! Alot of us have been through it unfortunatly, and if you need to talk about it we are here!
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As Glitch mentioned, both she & Saya have gone through this horrible disease with their furbabies, and know how heartwrenching it is. Both Glitch & I thought it might be the dreaded "F" word when you posted, but were hoping it wasn't. I sure hope it's not, and will be sending plenty of blessing & vibes your way.

Keep us updated. We'll be praying for you!

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TCS vibes have done miracles in the past! So heres 17!!

Everyone chip in with the vibes!!

By the way If you have any questions, Hissy is the resident "f word" expert! The rest of us will help as much as we can, and please let us know what they figure out! When you get the blood work results can you post them??
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Here's some more...
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Have you had any results yet? Your cat is the wrong age group for FIP, so I will pray it is something else, I have dealt with FIP and it isn't pleasant.
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