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Cat Diet questions

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Hello all, I hope every one is doing great out there.
We have an issue with our cat Cinder.
FOr some back ground info
Cinder is 4 year old spayed female (rescue kitten)
I have just recently come into Cinder's Life after I married my wife who adopted her. I have known the cat for for nine or ten months now.

Any how now for the issues. When I first met Cinder she would occasionaly have yowling pains (like constipation) and occasional accedents in the house. I suggested switching her to a sensitive stomach type of food to see if that helped out, so around Nov last year we switched her over to Authority brand dry food over a period of about a month. I am happy to say that the yowling pains have quit allmost completely but now we have a new issue. Her feces is rather sticky and a little messy and she is allmost a long haired cat if you get the picture.

We took her to the Vet a month or so ago and he did complete blood work and tested her stool sample. According to the Vet she is a nice healthy cat with no issues showing up in blood or stool tests.

I am now having to wash her back side once a week now (she doesn't care for it but not much of a struggle). Now I have had several cats over the years and I have never had one that had these problems.

I know that some people may suggest stress from changing foods moving a new human in her life less attention from mommy now that I am in the picture.
However I can assure you that this is the most reelaxed and layed back kitty in San Diego LOL. when she wants attention she will litteraly flop over on her side right in front of you roll over on her back and look up at you as if saying "All right you can pet me any time now".

So with all this information now shared with you all I am looking forward to any inputs you all may have. I don't have any problems taking her back to the vet however if all we get is she is in great shape and the blood and stool samples are fine again I might start pulling out more hair (mine not the cats).

Any insight into this problem will help a lot
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You could try shaving the hair around her bottom and see if that helps. Not sure if you can get this food in the U.S , I am from Canada but we have a brand called Royal Canin that has a food called Special 33 that aids in digestion and helps to pull the water from the feces making for drier feces and thus no sticking. If you can't ge this brand ask your vet or pet store if they have something similar. It worked for my cat.
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I second shaving the hair, having had 4 medium to long haired cats. It is a big help. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself, your vet will probably do it for a small fee. I'm wary of doing it myself anymore having once clipped one kitty a little too close--I poked him in the butt with the scissors and felt just awful afterwards.

Do you feed any canned? The stickiness may be due to the stool not being moist enough to be smooth--adding fiber or adding canned food (which adds water) may help normalize the stool.
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Thanks for replying guys we appreciate it.

Yes I have considered shaving her back there, however I would prefer to get her diet correct.

I am planning on heading back to the petsmart and reading more labels again soon.

Last time we tried to remove as much corn and wheat content as we could. Her food now is mostly Turkey and Oatmeal with no byproducts. My wife and I have talked and we are going to be looking at the science diet food. Also there is a food manufacture called "Flint River" who we have had referred to us from a friend.

Any how thanks for the input for our sticky poo problem.

Cinder's Dad/Mom
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