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food and allergies

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I have a three year old female.

Cleo has chronically suffered from breaking out in itchy sores around her face and back and sometimes has licked the hair off her tail. She also has had a weight problem depending on the food we've given her. She is a nut about food, eating anything that isn't nailed down including plastic which was the cause of major surgery last August (ka-ching! $1500, please) In December she had to have a cortisone shot and was put on Hill's z/d low allergen. She and her sister, a 9 year old female, HATED the stuff - tossed it all over the floor in the hopes that something "good" might be under it. They chased us all around the house biting our feet because we were holding out on them. When the cortisone wore off, as usual, the itchy cat began to break out again. I jettisoned the z/d immediately.

About ten days ago I put them both on Instinct, Lamb Forumula which is grain free. I tried two other formulas which didn't fly so I stuck with Instinct. THEY LOVE IT. I also bought Duck Meal and Oatmeal Forumula by Eagle Pack which I give them a portion of each day. I simultaneously took the itchy one in for another cortisone shot, and the vet poo pooed the change because this formula has EGGs in it. He says we should probably do allergy testing which will cost about $325. (Hmmmm - should I pay my son's college tuition or get allergy testing for the cat? Arrrgh.)

Okay, so what are my questions?

1) Does anybody else have experience with Instinct, which is manufactured in Nebraska?

2) Is it ridiculous for me to be trying this stuff when it has eggs in it? (It is flipping expensive! I can tell you that much. )

3) Is there anybody out there who just gets their cat regular cortisone shots because they can't find the answer to the cat's problem?

4) Does anyone else have luck with other foods?

5) I am completely confused about how much wet food to feed these cats? Instinct says one 5.5 oz can for every 6-8 pound cat. That would mean I'd feed them 3 can a day! And they gobble this stuff up like I never feed them.

Thank you, I am totally perplexed.
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Coco is always itching. She gets one flea she reacts bad. The Shots are not good to get all the time. The Depo Midrol shot works for a while. i can not help you with food though. Coco is on C/D Because her bladder infections. When she ate food with fish she would get a bad rash and her fur came out in clumps. you can try food with rice. That was ok for her.
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OTC allergy foods

Natural balence has one and the % protein and fat = a good senior food ... it is duck and pea ...

EGGS are NOT a common cat allergen and are the most digestable protein... ??? s vet there

Many foods are chn and rice

will she eat wet food??

instict is good but not a first choice for a senior cat... inticts cousin nature variety has a lamb which may be a option
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The Lamb Instinct I am using is wet.

The Duck and Oatmeal is Dry.

What does OTC mean?

I did try Eagle Pack Duck and Pea, but they wouldn't eat it.
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OTC = over the counter ... ie not prescription

the wet is good ...

dry has worked for a few on here...
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