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I had to renew my auto insurance today in person, pulled into the parking lot & ended up beside a car with a dog inside. It was quite a sunny, warm afternoon, not quite our brutal summer heat, but bad enough. The windows were down but the dog, a little Pomeranian type dog, was panting.
Needless to say I was peeved, knowing that it can take quite awhile to deal with business in there. I went in & sat down, there was a woman in the waiting room, & couples with 2 of the other reps. I didn't want to make a scene, decided to wait for a couple of minutes-if nothing happened, I would have started asking who owns the car with the dog in it. Luckily one of the couples was getting ready to leave-an older guy left first, mumbling something negative on his way out the door, I saw him go to the car with the dog & as his woman was on her way out soon after (I'm sitting right next to the door) I asked her "Do you know it's dangerous to leave your dog out in the car like that" And she started with the usual "We had the windows down" crap I said "it's still dangerous, it can kill him" She said she told the man the same thing. She seemed either like she had been drinking, or very sad & she whispered "a--hole" before she closed the door, referring to him. I think the insurance people were wondering if I was going to start trouble or something, they probably heard me talking to her, but I wasn't mean about it, just matter-of-fact.
Just makes me wonder...