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I think my cat hates me!?

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Hi I am new here and I have a problem with my 11 month old female cat Sasha. She was a stray so we took her in got her, her shots and spay and such and she seemed to be a great cat and very cuddly and loveing but for the past two months she has been afraid of me! I have done nothing to her she puts her body low to the ground and sulks away with her tail between her legs making a chattering sound until she gets to her hiding spot everytime I go near her! I don't know what has caused this behavior, we have another cat a 2.5 year old male Milo and he has never done this to me he loves to cuddle and give little "nose kisses" as we call them. I have a 19 month old son and a baby on the way I am 6 weeks pregnant. She loves my husband and cuddles with him and will even go to him willingly but she wont go near me she has even hissed at me when I am just walking by her!!?? HELP! anyone know what could have brought on this behavior? I love her to bits and I don't want to have to give her up! I thought it could be maby because I am female or somthing or that I am pregnant but she has been doingt his before I became pregnant! and Milo is even more cuddly now that I am pregnant he was liek that with my son as well so I have no clue what to do?? any help or insite would be greatful!
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I doubt very much that she hates you, but cats are very sensitive to any change, especially smells - have you changed job, changed the places you go when you're out, changed perfume/deodorant/shampoo/bath stuff/laundry detergent etc, or been coming into contact with other cats or dogs recently? Basically anything that could be causing her to perceive you differently because you don't smell the way you used to? Even if it's just to her and something beyond human capabilities to smell! As you say it started before you became pregnant I very much doubt it's that. They do puzzling things sometimes that is for sure!
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I haven't done anything different, I work at home and I can only use certain detergents and soaps. There has been no change in anything. I am at a loss lol. Is there anything I can do to maby make her come around??
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I take from your post that you can rule out any health problems of your Sasha because her behavior is unchanged towards your spouse?

My advice; ignore her. Try not to worry about her, make sure she has enough food and a clean litter box, and let her worry about herself. I think sometimes cats are nervous about excess attention, and your concern about her reaction to you might be what is causing the problem.

Another piece of advice is to put her food on top of dirty clothing of yours, to get her to associate (even if it is to re-associate) the smell of you with good things.

On the other hand, maybe her lack of affection towards you is something you'll just have to live with. My cat Artemis does not like my spouse, and my spouse has simply learned to live with it.
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She is in perfect health, she was skin and bones when we took her in and is now very hearty lol. She is very active with Milo and play fights all the time with him. I will try ignoring her and the food thing and hope that works lol I just don't want her to feel left out is all.
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Maybe it's like that episode of "Friends" where Phoebe is angry with Ross and it turns out it's because of things he did in her dream.

I'm only 1/2 joking. Do we know if they dream?

Or maybe she's fallen in love with your husband. (Seriously, I know a couple who had a cat who did this.)
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2 months and 6weeks are very close in date. During your cycle and because of pregnancy the amount of hormones will change - as will as your scent, at least to a cat. That really seems the most likely cause since nothing else has changed.

I really doubt you've done anything intentionally to cause her sudden distrust of you. All I can suggest is win her back to treats and wet food. Get down on the floor when it's quiet in the evening and talk to her as you give her some treats. Leave a couple of used shirts down for her to sniff and lay on - maybe she'll get used to it.
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I would definitely say it's the pregnancy - she may be jealous, either of your impending baby, or of not having her own. She's far from the first cat that reacted strangely to the situation, but once the baby's born, she should get as much personal attention as possible for a while (like you'll have nothing better to do :-), so she feels part of the family and not displaced as your 'baby'.
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I am thinking it may be me being pregant, She came oer to the couch the otherday and looked like she wanted to jump up but didn't so I quickly grabed her an tryed to hold her but she wouldn't stay with me she just lays by my feet! Milo on the other hand knees my stomach and pures really loud. So maby it is because I am pregnant? I hope she gets used to it and doesn't act out towards the new baby.
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Being upset by a change in your scent (to her) won't have anything to do with the baby when he or she arrives. Just make sure you talk to Sasha a lot, tell her she's going to have a new sister to watch over and that you're going to love her just as much if not more when the baby arrives. Once you have the baby, make sure you and/or hubby continue to give Sasha (and Milo) lots of love and attention - maybe even more than usual.

And congratulations!

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Willing to bet she senses your pregnancy and is unsure of things.
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Your scent is changing with the pregnancy, and she isn't sure you are who she thinks you are. If you purchase a bottle of feliway spray and start spraying your feet and your clothes, she will be more at ease with you. This is a common occurrance with women and cats when they are pregnant. Nothing to worry about, what she smells, you can't detect, but she knows that something about you is changing.
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