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My new kitten Jack!

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I just got Jack about 2 1/2 weeks ago at 8 weeks old, which i guess makes him 10 1/2 weeks old now, he seems so much bigger from just 2 weeks ago! He is a really awesome, affectionate, funny cat, all my friends want him, lol.

Today I put a harness on him to get him use to it,he started biting at it at first but then I took out Da Bird toy and played with him and he forgot all about it, when we were done playing he was just lounging with it on, seems to not mind it!

Then he saw the dog bone on the floor and started playing with it and trying to eat it...

This is Jack sleeping...

Jack playing with my dog Sydney...
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awww he is so cute!!
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Jack is adoreable!
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What a lil dollbaby!!
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Beautiful markings! What a cutie.
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He is adorable!
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Ahhh what a cutie
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Oh my goodness!!! He is so adorable!!
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I love the last shot of his rump.

Jack is an adorable tabby boy.

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Awww he is so beautiful! He reminds me of my Tino when he was a baby (who was a big kitten and is a big adult)
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Jack is gorgeous, what beautiful markings.
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He is cute -- looks a bit naughty
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He is precious!
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He is so gorgeous!! Love his bright eyes and his gorgeous markings. Where did you find this little fella? He's great!
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jack is such a pretty cat :-)
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Those pictures are really sweet
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very cute!
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