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Maid Service?

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So I have had a cat now since last week Tuesday. What does that make it, 5 days now? Or maybe it is 7, nope 7. My cat probably counts better than I can. C'est la vie.

For the weekdays I wake up at around 5 am, toss a fresh bowl of water down for my Pino (cats’ name), brush up the food bowl, and then set off to the gym. Sixish I come back check her litter box, give her a pat and I'm off to work. Every time she has given me quite the meowing fit. At first I though does she miss me that much? Is she afraid I won’t come back? She is an adopted cat that came from a troubled home so it was quite possible.

After much thought I looked at the things I did, or rather the things I didn't do. My cat likes to sleep on the bed, quite often she starts out on my arm, then my chest, and usually ends up somewhere on the side of the bed sleeping the night away. In the morning she wakes up pads around and takes a drink and a bite of food and wanders off too some distant corner to wait the hour till I return home. That is when she starts meowing. It's not the mournful type, but rather the "you’re doing something wrong" type.

I realized, she sleeps in the bed... something I rarely make. I had a pretty serious relationship last year and she moved in, we lived together for six months and for six months I actually made my bed. Why? Because she liked a made bed. (We are still friends, just didn't work out... she likes dogs... I kid, she loves cat’s just different views XD).

Today I tried something new. I made my bed before going to the gym. This time coming home my cat was laying quite peacefully on my bed spread purring and sleeping the morning away... no meows.

Turns out my Pino is quite the tidy cat, she likes her bed to be made in the morning. Oh gosh did I really say that? I meant MY bed to be made in the morning. *sigh* I guess it's not such a bad thing to be owned by a cat, they don't really talk back, and she is kind of goofy when she wants to be. I suppose I can give up my bed for a new friend in the house.
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WOW we can learn a lot from cats, I've been with my husband for 20 years and I still cant get him to make the bed
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Well, you know what they say, eh? "Dogs have owners; cats have staff" Good thing you are educable, isn't it?
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Originally Posted by Onyxx View Post
WOW we can learn a lot from cats, I've been with my husband for 20 years and I still cant get him to make the bed

Katie is the opposite. If I make the bed she will paw at the corners until she gets one up and can either crawl under the covers or wad them up for more cushion!
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Let the training begin!!
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I always enjoy a story where a man can be trained to do domestic chores.

I'm one of those anal folks that needs to make the bed as soon as I get out of it, even before going to the bathroom. When I get home after work the top quilt is often pulled down and a little "nest" formed where the cats have obviously had their daily naps.
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