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Huge Air!

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I know y'all must be getting sick of me posting these airborne shots, and I promise this is the last one for awhile.

Itsy just got so high on this shot, I wanted to share. He never ceases to amaze me.

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wow..he can jump pretty high!
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wow.... thats awesome!
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WOW that's amazing Sibohan has never jumped that hight that I know of.
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Quite an athlete.
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wow awesome pic. i just love your pix....they are super shots
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Maybe you should call him MJ for Michael Jordan because he really gets airborn. !!!!
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"ok, how am I going to land...."
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Wow!! He's got to be over 6 feet high in that pic.

P.S. We could never get tired or your airborne shots (at least I can't get tired of them).
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WOW!!! Are you sure you don't have a kitty trampoline in there somewhere??
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Why would we ever get sick of them? Your cats and camera are awesome!!!
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That's insane lol !
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That is incredible!!! Keep the pictures coming, I don't don't get tired of them.
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I don't get sick of your air pics. I love them and always look at them even if I don't post in every thread!
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aww wow!
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I will NEVER tire of your babies!! Keep them coming! And, HOLY COW is that some serious air!!!
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We love your wonderful action shots. They are amazing. Please don't stop posting them.
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You must have a good camera!
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That is such a cool photo! Its absolutely gorgeous!!
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