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Crusty nipples

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Pennie is days away from delivery (I think, lol!). The past several days her nipples have gotten crusty and are very tender. Does this mean something? And, is there anything I can do to ease her?

Here is a pic taken yesterday.

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I am sure she is close. I only had 2 Cat have Kittens and thye didnt do that.
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if its white crust it should be milk leaking and that means she will have the kittens any day now. just whipe it off with warm water.
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Dill has been like that too for about 3 days now, maybe longer, i think we are at day 63-64 today....so you and I are playing the same waiting game, Soon hunnie, soon.......keep us posted...cant wait for PICS....hehe kittens...
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Use a little vegetable oil on the nipples, It will soften them and encourage her to lick them to help too
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I'll do that vegetable oil trick, if she'll let me get anywhere close. I know we're close, but I'm tempering my enthusiasm, waiting for her to act different (licking herself constantly, quit eating, meowing loudly). Thanks for your help!
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