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Mother Neglecting her Kids?

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About a year ago a stray cat came into our house and she was extremely pregnant. So we took her in, shortly after she had 4 kittens. She hasn't been mean at all to her kittens until she grew pregnant again and then we got her neutered.

After that she's been fine, but now she really resents them if they walk up to her she growls and tends to scratch them. One of the cats has a bad eye because of her.

What’s wrong with her? And what has caused this?
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Do you mean that she is mean to her first litter of kittens? Do you still have them all plus the more recent litter? I am a little confused. Over time the mother cat usually IS mean to her kittens because she pushes them away, it is time for them to leave her. If this is a newer behavior then it is because of the new kittens. Are they all neutered now? You know the male babies can get the mother pregnant when they get around 5 months old.
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My guess - it's her way of telling the kids it's time to move out and get jobs.

If she's spayed and just wanting to be left alone, maybe they're rambunctious antics are just too much. How many of her kittens do you still have? And are they all spayed and neutered yet? If they're not altered yet, her behavior to get them to leave is also part of preventing them to inbreed - with each other.
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