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Harry and Misty

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This is to introduce the two cats I adopted yesterday to replace my RB kitty Rascal.

Harry: (former name Pierre, I chose Harry because of the similar "air" stressed syllable) approximately 4 years old, domestic shorthair, gray tabby and white, male, so far pretty friendly and likes toys (he's still adjusting and hiding under the bed a lot), he seems to like to cross his paws like this, funny cat

Misty: (former name Gypsy, I chose Misty because of the similar vowel sounds) approximately 5 years old, domestic shorthair, tortoiseshell, she's only got three legs (you can't see it here because she's laying on the side without the back leg), so far pretty much a love bug, she gets around on her three legs pretty well.

More later after they settle in...
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Harry & Misty are sooo adorable! Their coloring is beautiful
Hope to see more photos of your precious kitties again
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Awww, gorgeous kitties. Congrats on the new additions.
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Congrats. They are both precious.
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they are adorable!
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They are very pretty cats
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They are beautiful kitties! They both look pretty comfy and relaxed already
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They are both beautiful!!!! You're such a wonderful person for taking in Misty! Thank you so much for that!
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Congratulations on your new babies They both are so precious And so lucky to have found a home where they are accepted as older kitties. Im sure they both will fill your heart with love. I cant wait to see more pics of them.
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I agree..congrats on the new additions..and wonderful that you chose a 3 legged cat..she is very pretty
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awww beautiful cats!
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What a compassionate gesture to take a disabled cat!!!
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Congrats again! Harry is soooo gorgeous I am so glad you have their special kind of love in your life.
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(these ones were done with the flash, so they have that eye shine)
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FYI, there's a bunch more pictures at my flickr account, and I've created cat pages for them here.

Some more info about them:

I adopted them from a couple who just had a baby and also have two dogs and didn't feel they could give the cats the attention they wanted.

If you're a fan of The Dresden Files, you could consider Harry to be for Harry Dresden, and Misty to be for Harry's cat Mister, if you want.
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Harry and Misty are settling in pretty well after just 3 days. Harry likes to look out the window a lot, which is where the cat trees are, so he's often in the cat trees.

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They are both gorgeous!!
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I thought this was a cool picture of Misty. Kind of dark, but pretty artistic, if I do say so myself

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Awww...they're beautiful. Harry looks a bit like my RB kitty, Harvey.
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Congrats on adopting Harry and Misty.
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Congrats on the new additons they are very cute kitties...
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Here's a couple of Misty showing her three legs. One of her standing up and one of her lying on her side on the floor, missing leg side up. It is hard to get a picture of her standing up because she usually sits down if she's going to be in one spot for longer than a couple of seconds.

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