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Really finicky cat

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Steve showed up at our door about a year ago. Don't know anything about him but he wasn't fixed, needed major dental care, etc. so he wasn't well taken care of or was abandoned. He's at least 7. Anyway, we've tried to feed him everything. All he will eat is canned mackerel and salmon. No problem, used to mix it with dry. Now he won't eat if we mix it, puree it, frappe it.. He's had his teeth removed and the vet says him gums look fine and he isn't hurting, but he just doesn't like cat food. Won't eat any people food either. All he wants is mackerel and salmon. Is it OK for him to just eat those with regular vitamin/mineral supplements? Anyone have any ideas on how to get him to eat cat food?
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This is just a guess, but I'd add a little bit of fish type catfood into the salmon mix at first, then add a bit more if he seems to eat it. Then I'd give him the fish catfood and add a bit of the salmon. See how that goes. As I said, it's a guess.
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Originally Posted by janemargo View Post
Anyway, we've tried to feed him everything.
What do you mean by everything? Specific brands/flavors?
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Evanger's makes a mackeral cat food:

I would start by feeding that since it already has the vitamins and it pretty much looks like a hunk of fish in some oily liquid (be careful opening the can!). Then, try mixing in a little bit of other cat food. Make it mostly the stuff he likes with just a small amout of other food. Over a period of several weeks, increase the amount of cat food and decrease the amount of mackeral. You may be able to get him to transition that way.
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Thanks for the great ideas! I'll try the Evanger's. Now last nite he ate his salmon by itself and then gummed down some dry on his own. We got several cats who require different dry foods, and he likes them all. Maybe he just doesn't like it mixed anymore. Steve and my husband Tony worship each other and they are both REALLY picky eaters. Geez.

By everything, I meant many different common brands and flavors. I'll try some less common brands.
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