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Wendesday's DT

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It is 9:30 and there is no dailey DT!Is everybody still sleeping? So I guess it is up to me to start it.Right now it is 40! But it raining and is going to change to snow and drop to 20.Ick!Not a whole lot going on today.Just waiting for the rent to owm people to show up,they calld and ask if we could keep the :censor::censor::censor::censor:. for another day,they only have 1 person on today,I said no way it is sitting in my kitchen taking up space,get out here Ted will help your guy get it on the truck,Besides I am not paying for another day just because you are short of people!They will do anything to get more money!
Everyone have a good day!
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Sherral, if it's in your home because THEY can't pick it up, you shouldn't have to pay for it!!!!! The nerve!

It's miserable here. It's 30-something. Cold and raining. It is mud central here. Yuck.

Gary's gone to pick up Julius from the Vet and take him over to the boarding facility. It's so weird not having any cats living under the RV. We got up to give them dinner last night - and remembered we didn't need to. Tuxedo and Thanksgiving are doing great, and Gary's really looking forward to seeing Tuxedo.

Gary is supposed to hear from his dad today with all the test results (it's pancreatic cancer for those who missed it). He's supposed to get a better estimate of how long he's got left to live.

I have my annual appointment with the gyno this morning.

Hope ya'll have a great day....

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2.45pm here!

It's weird to think that as my day is half over, yours is just starting

Not much going on here either - Have just been to the bank to pay in some cheques for my company, but that's about it. Can't wait to go home in a couple of hours
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Blecchy blecchy day. At least it's hump day. It's raining and ugly here in Cleveland, and by this evening we're supposed to have a freeze and THEN snow. It's the 3rd snowiest winter on record, and we're only 11 inches shy of the record. I am so ready for Spring!

Nothing doing today. Work and then errands (if it isn't too icy) and then American Idol tonight. I think I need a life I hope everyone has a good day.
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Thank goodness, we're looking at warm and sunny, again. That week of rain and cold was too much. Poor Bill got the worst of it. He was feeling MUCH better, last night, even with 2 hours overtime, yesterday. He had to go to Patagonia, 40 miles away, because of a brain-dead truck driver.

I'm off, to a job fair, today. There are over 90 employers so, something should turn up. Going armed with several copies of my resume. Good thing, that it doesn't start, until noon. Hair, makeup and climbing into hose and heels seem to take longer, these days. Of course, Rowdy tries to run off with my makeup brushes and I have to shut her out of the bedroom, to keep her from shredding my stockings. She's been a little witch, this morning.

Happy hump day!
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its hump day already???? where does the time go?
my ear and neck are sore - i have bouts of inflammation and take bextra for it when it hurts and im so sick of it. dr says its something to do with the muscles being inflamed that it presses onto the nerve and causes the ear to hurt....grrr....
went scrapbooking last night and i think jakes more into it than i am, its really funny seeing a big fella making a pretty page.
the page we made last night:

its not clear, i cannot scan it because its 12x12 but used the digital camera.

have a wonderful day all!

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kellye - that is so cute!

came in late today because i just feel a little achy and out of it. oh well, i am sure that will wear off. i need to edit a very shoer video this afternoon, but that won't take too long.

cindy - hope something comes through for bill.

laurie - gyno. ugh.

well, hope everyone's day is good or at least gets better!
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Kellye - what a great page!

Laurie - as I said in the other thread - I am keeping Gary's dad in my prayers!

Cindy - good luck with the job fair - any employer would be lucky to get you as an employee!

Christy - who do you think will move forward on Idol tonight. I realy hope that the scrawny kid with the great voice (I think Troy Aiken) moves forward and the woman who sang 1st.

Yesterday I thought it was Thursday, today I thought it was Tuesday - what is going on with my brain!

Role play is going well, today's group asks many more questions then the other group - I have 2 groups alternating for a total of 6 days combined!

Sugarly seems less stressed out now that we have upped her meds - she really had me worried the other night.

While I still have a cough, I am feeling better everyday - I just can't stand all this couging! It hurts.

I have another 15 minutes for lunch and then it is back to the trainees.

It is snowing horribly today - we are supposed to get up to 20 centimetres today. It was difficult to get to work - it took twice as long as normal - it was good that we left early. Some people who live further away and more in the "snow belt" region had a 3 hour commute this morning (normal 45 minites) - they still have to go home and the snow just keeps coming. I have a feeling it will be a long trip home tonight!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Christy - who do you think will move forward on Idol tonight. I realy hope that the scrawny kid with the great voice (I think Troy Aiken) moves forward and the woman who sang 1st.
Ady-I loved the scrawny guy. I actually got goosebumps (I love the song he sang) listening to him. As for who else, well, I was very disappointed. The judges kept saying "Oh, the Wildcard show will be the best." I was bored, and thought most of the singers were just OK. I don't see how they can claim the talent is better this year. Oh, well. I hope the scrawny guy goes far (he's the only person I'd like to listen to for an extended period of time.
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