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Slob? No.
Lazy? Yes.

He's actually officially turned me lazy too. I would give myself migraines when we first moved in together because he would never put the Diet Mt. Dew bottles in the recycling bin...he would put them ON TOP of the recycling bin.

By the time we moved here, I gave up. Between him and the cat fur everywhere I can't keep up.

There are days I miss being single as I had my Saturday cleaning days that would last most of the week...now I can maybe get 24 hours...
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No! Thank goodness! No way i could live with a slobby person He learned a lot of good habits when he was in the Navy and he's a very tidy/clean person- he is always willing to pitch in with house work- i REALLY appreciate that about him!
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we both arent slobs but we are both pretty lazy,
I work longer hours than he does. The only dinner he cooks is stirfry he is afraid to make any other food incase i wont like it

right now the kitchen is full and dirty dishes everywhere, now i wont have to work untill 2 pm so i have a whole heap of free time to clean yey!
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No one is really home enough to make a mess. I think the cats live there more then i do.

however the computer room does kinda look like a third world jungle.
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Mine is a slob at heart but makes a huge effort to clean up after himself without being asked.
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No mine isn't, but that's because he's up in Scotland Seriously though Gils quite good at keeping a clean and tidy house
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