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Litter training kittens

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There's got to be something I can do. I thought cats instinctively went to a litter box to poop etc. Mine don't. once in a while they do. But i just noticed that there's a pile of poop RIGHT NEXT to the litter box. This also likely means they are peeing there too.

What can I do if I don't catch them? I'm really concerned about a pee smelling home.
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Be sure the litterbox has very low sides. At that age, a baking pan may work.

They won't be dependable on using it until they're 6 or 8 weeks old, give or take. If you're worried, put down a towel or some such thing.
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I see (I another thread) that they are only one month old. Make sure the box is appropriate for their size and remember that mom is usually there to clean up after them still. I would also suggest teaching them to use it. After meals and play time put the in the box and gently take their paws and scratch at the litter. Don't expect them to go every time but it should give them the idea. Also, like mrblanche said, if your worried about the floors when they miss put something disposable/washable down under and around the box so it's not soaking into your floors. Remember they are VERY young and will require lots of paitence.
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Thanks for the replies. As long as they learn that's OK. I just thought maybe they weren't learning right.

I take them both the litter box each time I feed them, and usually twice during normal activities just incase. Sometimes the little boy crys before he's got to go. if I catch it I can put him in the box and he'll go.

When I put them in, I scratch the litter to show them. When they DO use it they scratch it like they should. Infact the little boy digs a hole first.

I have 3 litter boxes. One in their room, one in the living room and one near where I feed them. They're all 'kitten' boxes that are very low. They can crawl in and out without a problem.

I'll just keep an eye on it. But i'm happy that they'll get better soon.
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Sounds like they are progressing... just like kids they will have accidents at first but they'll get better. Now, if they hit 3-4 months and are still having accidents then I might be a little concerned.
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I use a shallow cake pan for young kittens so they can get in and out easily. Also try picking up some of the poop and putting it IN the litter pan so they get the idea. You can take a tissue and clean up any pee you might find and put that in the pan too so they get the scent and idea.

I'm assuming these kittens have no mother cat to teach them?
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Some kittens are 8-10 weeks old before they reliably use a LB. I had one kitten who was a feral we got at 8 weeks & had no idea how to use the box! Give them time.....they also have tiny bowels so often don't know they have to go that bad until they're almost the box....
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