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Do cats experience spring fever? I have wrote about Chips before, he is my 6-8 year old neutered male. He has never gone outdoors... was once a mouser in his old owners basement. Anyhow, he seems to be going through spring fever or something. His behavior is strange... totally new. He has always had a facination with the birds and bugs outside our second story window, and when I had the screen out once he seemed to want to jump. We occasionally take him out on our patio for sun, and he doesnt seem to want to stray. Recently however, this traditional pattern has changed. At night he attacks everything and anything.. well attemps to attack the things that fly through the window. The other day we thought he was going to go right through the screen! He has also taken to the habit of letting out this meow/yowl whenever he jumps. It doesnt sound like hes in pain because it is similar to his normal meow. He does it when he jumps from someplace high. (We say hes praticing for the window) He also sits in front of the front door and meows like he wants to go outside, but he has never been outdoors before, except on our patio. It is bizzare, and this behavior has only started since the weather has gotten warm and we have had our windows open. Please help! His meowing is driving me crazy!