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Oh no it's Influenza!

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Well it's offical Influenza type B is making it's way around work this year. My boss started it. His daughter got it, then he had it last week. Now today, 2 other men at work have it. I just want to yell, STAY HOME. If people would just stay home it would stop spreading. I had my flu shot, but so did my boss. Which means, that this flu is not one of the oness that the shot covers. I've got on interview on Wednesay for on internship position, plus I have a huge paper due next Thursday. Please send vibes my way that I don't get sick .
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Get some Tamiflu from your doctor. You can take it to prevent the flu as well as treat it. WELL worth the expense and trouble.

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Tons of hope you don't get sick For you! I'll cross my fingers too
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Hope you can dodge the sickness.
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Tamiflu isn't working as effectively as it did with it first came out and as soon as she stops taking it she'd likely get sick anyways.

Best suggestions, wash your hands and don't touch your face. Since you did have a flu shot it might offer some cross protection - at the very least keeping the flu from getting too severe.
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Another suggestion: don't let yourself get too stressed. Stress weakens your immune system and with all you mentioned in your post, you're a prime candidate to be stressed. Take some time to relax and recharge. Get plenty of rest and Vitamin C.
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Cipro is the BEST antibiotic for chest infections. My mom just had something like that ....Cipro cleared it up in like 2 days!!!!
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I went on lunch & bought some Cold-Eeze Immune Support Complex 10. It's got Vitamins, A, C, E, B6, B12 and Zinc. I figure it's better to try to boost my immune system than try to fight it after I'm already sick. So hopefully that will help some. I'd love to go to bed at 8 tonight, but I'm picking my Mom up at the airport at 8PM. It's supposed to snow, so I'm hoping that her plane is on time.
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Oh no. Praying you don't get it.
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I hope you feel better soon! Good luck in your interview and paper!
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Everyone at my house got flu shots and we have a mix of influenza! It sucks and it comes with ear infections! Good Vibes that you dont get it!!
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