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Pet not sleeping

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My cat was close to death from a suspected poisoning. We live in the Caribbean and have limited vet care. Basis stuff. She had SEVERE seizures for 4 days, elevated liver enzymes, was blind and very ill. She came back from the dead and is ok now relatively so. She is now and indoor cat and seems ok with it. She has a new meow and when playing with me, bit me which she never used to do..she is more aggressive to her house mates as well. The biggest thing is, SHE IS NOT SLEEPING. She used to sleep all day and prowl at night. Now she is up all the time.

Her vision has improved greatly.

I talked to the vet and he has no clue.

No zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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I've replied to another thread you started about Bonita Boo, your kitty who was most likely poisoned. I'm sorry to hear that she still isn't sleeping, and is exhibiting some behavioral changes as well.

You need a feline neurologist, but I understand that only basic vet care is available where you live. In the US, it's possible to do phone consultations with vets, usually homeopathic or integrative medicine vets. The cat's records are faxed to the consulting vet and a phone appointment is set up to discuss the case. I wonder if you could do a phone consultation with a neurologist in the US...it would be expensive though, between the cost of the call and the vet's fee. Maybe he or she would consider e-mail?! Even if you were able to do that, what if the neurologist prescribed medicine for Bonita that isn't available where you live?

Have you tried doing any internet research on Bonita's problem?

I'm very glad her vision has continued to improve.
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I am happy to an email consult..thanks for the ideas.
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