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How to you compensate your pet sitters?

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We are leaving in a couple of weeks to visit my sister and I will be asking my neighbor (and her daughter) to come and feed/water/pet the cats. I will have a back-up schedules too.

Last time they did this for me I gave their daughter $10/visit. She doesn't come over herself as she is only in 4th grade and I'm sure her mother assisted!!

So I was thinking I should really compensate both.

So I was thinking perhaps a build-a-bear gift cert but I'm not sure of what for her mom. She isn't a person that would do spa type things.

So perhaps a gift card for both for the mall so they could choose whatever store they wanted???

What does everyone usually do??
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The girl that takes care of my cats is 21 she's been taking care of them since she was 13, I pay her $15 a day. She is like our daughter and she hangs here with them sometimes sleeps over with them too
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When I pet sat for my neighbours at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they brought me back a lovely candle and liquid hand soap in a Cranberry smell (Christmas) and a lovely box of chocolate truffles (Thanksgiving).
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Well, whatever you decide to do, you could also add in a thank you card from the cats! That'll be cute.
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I always bring my bf Pam something back when she's looked after my 3.

I usually get her a box of shortbread biscuits or they sell boxes of fudge with "Thanks for looking after my cats" on the front
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I give gift cards to local stores that I know my catsitters frequent. I usually bring back a "token" if my travels have taken me somewhere interesting.

When I catsit for my neighbor, the cat breeder, I usually get gift cards or a nice fat check.

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speaking as a petsitter myself, I not only appreciate a little extra in the check department, but I have always enjoyed the little things that people bring back from their travels. I have also been known to ask people to find the the coolest cat themed thing that they could find from wherever they went-it is cool to see the different things people come up with, from cheap mugs and t-shirts to some pretty cool sculptures, art work and jewelry. Just a thought.
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When I used to have friends petsit or exchanged petsitting with friends (we watched each others' pets when one of us was away), I usually brought them back a nice souvenir, and if I petsat for them they did the same.

However when I was a kid and I used to petsit for neighbors they would usually pay me something-per-day.
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