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Do you prefer male or female cats?

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Just curious if you like male or female cats a bit better. My husband and I have only ever had one female (spayed) cat and the rest have all been neutered males. My husband's opinion is that the males are more affectionate and easy-going. We have three neutered males and I thought it might be nice to "break out of the box" so to speak and get a girl kitty. (for our fourth and last kitty) My husband is stuck on males. I'm sure there are some sweet little females out there! Anyway, do you have a preference?
post #2 of 22 preference! I have always just chosen the kitty that picks me at the shelter before knowing the gender. I do prefer males in that the neuter is so simple and quick but otherwise no preference. My sweetest most loving cat ever was a little girl. I have a girl now who was abused and she's affectionate but on her own terms. The boy we have is a horrible monster...but he's so darn cute LOL.
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I know when I decided I wanted to take Spike home, I was hoping he was a boy. (I didn't know and couldn't tell myself... a friend's mom was able to tell me.) Why did I want a male cat? I have no idea. I never had a cat before, but I had already named him Spike in my head... and I'm guessing it was for that reason alone that I was hoping for a boy. Luckily, he was a boy, so I didn't have to pick a new name. He turned out to be affectionate and loving towards me, but not if people are around to witness such a thing. He's also a very skittish little guy, but I'm guessing that's because of the time he spent as a stray before I brought him home.

I'm also the proud aunt of two sweet little girl kitties, and they're just lovely as well.

So no... I guess I have no preference. :tounge2:
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We have one of each, we have no preferance over another, just as long as they are cats
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I think I have actually only ever had girls kitties, but my first cat was a stray and it wasn't by choice, but she was very lovable.

My next two cats were the last two available when we called and add, and they were both female. When they were kittens they were very lovable, but as time went on, they got more anti-social, but I think that is the enviornment and not their sex (the ex got custody of them when we split).

The two I have now are both female, and the aforementioned nieces of jgaruba. I wanted two of the same sex, and in my mind I was thinking female, but it just worked out that way. I think they are most adorable, and quite loveable. I woundn't trade them for the world.

When I lived with my Aunt, she had a male who was really the most agreeable cat I have ever met. He was a love bug, really. And there is of course Spike, who although is stand-offish at first, is really a lovely cat, expecially if you have ribbon in your hand. *grin*

So, I guess in short (or long ), although I have ever only owned females, I think males are great too .
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I love my girls, but if I am looking or a cuddle, Fred is the one. My boys have always been more affectionate and dependent. My Leo was 22 lbs. of cuddly sweetness. Neither of my girls like to be held much, but will allow me to pet them when they feel like it.
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I really don't find much difference between the sexes if they're neutered, though it is much easier to have a male fixed. My rule is: whichever cat picks me out is the one for me.
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I generally like male animals better then females.
Out of the many animals I have had, the males generally seem to be funner, more affectionate more often. The females are just... well frankly, b*%^*#'s.

Isha is by far the most affectionate female animal I have ever owned, but she's a far cry from most my males.
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I would have to agree with angelzOO.

We have a male and a female and while I love them both dearly – nothing beat my Nelson when it comes to cuddles. Zoe on the other hand is a bit more stand-offish and is affectionate on her terms only. I would definitely get another male cat next time.
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I have 10 cats, 5 boys, 5 girls. All of my boys are sweet, playful and crazy! They love to be cuddled! My girls are all to themselves and don't like to be held as much as the boys. Male cats are much more laid back IMO! When I call my kitties, all of the boys come running up the stairs, the girls just sit at the bottom staring up at me. My fixed girls, they're all fixed but the two Siamese girls, are alot more friendly than the unfixed ones.

2 of my girls were abused as babies, I rescued them and I have been working with them for a while now. Majesty, the Bengal, is a sweety now, when she lived with her other owners she was very scared. Mischief, my tabby, lived in a pile of wood. She was so scared, she bit me when I pulled her out! She is so much better now! She'll run from you, but if you lay down she's right on your chest purring.

Female cats CAN be as friendly as males, you just need to work with them!
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I love them both!!
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I love both! Of my 10 kitties, 6 are boys are 4 are girls. They are all pretty affectionate. One of the boys and one of the girls don't like being held, but love when I pet them.

The most snuggly are Max (girl) who sleeps every night on my hip and sits on my lap while I am online, and Coal (boy) who sleeps in between my BF and I, with a paw on my cheek.
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Previously I would have said male, but since getting a girl I have to say both equally. My girl cat like to 'mother' me, she tries to lick my nose when I pick her up and to groom my hands at every opportunity - she's so cute!
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Definately male. I had a female cat growing up that I was pretty close too, but she didn't become really affectionate until she was two. Every other female I have had has been pretty unfriendly. My boys are just little cuddle-freaks, they love to be held.
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Boy Persians are the most loveable animals on the earth. I find that most of my females are standoffish and over all b&^%&y. I have on efemale however that is just as affectionate as the male. But I still say that overall boys are more friendly and enjoy being cuddled more.
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ceehorn: I will vouge for that! LOL
I have a friend who breeds persians, and the males selected me as a new friend, all 8 of them insisted upon sitting on my lap and breathing their wonderful raspy kittyiness into my face.
I feel so bad for the way animals like that were bred, pushing the noses further and further back.
I just kept sitting there listening to them and being affection with them saying "Oh you poor darlings!!"
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I found the girls to be more active and playfull and the boys more relaxed and teddy bearish. But there are exceptions of course, Hoots is a female and i cant ever seem to get her off my lap.
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From my own experience at the shelter I haunt, the girls seem more friendly. Maybe it's just because they're younger than the male cats. At this moment in time, personality is more important. We mostly had male cats when I was growing up. But we're bringing our girl home on Saturday. I just hope that she agrees with us and makes it a forever home. That's our intent.
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I actually prefer female cats. Or at least my female cats. They seem more cuddly.
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From previous discussions, it seems that the overall conscensus was males were more affectionate than females.

In my own experience, my family has had 4 female cats and only one was less than affectionate. My current kitten Nakita is a total dream and I couldn't imagine wanting more affection from a cat!

I really think it's up to the individual cat's personality.

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I've got no preference. I love kitties and they love me.

Russell is my first cat. I chose him because of his personality. He was interested in me and snuggled up to me. I was going to pick his brother who was also interested in me but was more interested in playing with the dog. So Russell seemed less of a handful and got my vote. He adores cuddles so much. He'll play fetch with a toy mouse and at the the end of it he hops into my lap for a cuddle and purring session.

My second cat Esper is female. She ADORES cuddles as much as Russell. And she purrs and trills a little song when she's cuddled. She is absolutely adorable.

They're both very different kitties but they both love their cuddles. I don't think sex determines how affectionate a kitty is, I think it's to do with their personality.
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Wellll... I'm not sure if this helping me to make my decision about kitty no. 4. I have to say that all the male cats that we've had have been super affectionate. The one female that we had was sweet but not nearly as easy-going as the males. I have a feeling my hubby will win out and kitty no. 4 will be male.

By the way, Russian Blue, I love your quote. It is SO true.
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