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house smells like pee

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my kitchen smells like cat pee..... and now i can smell it in the lounge as well....

i KNOW its not my cats...i have 3 but they use their trays and i have never seen them ever pee anywhere else since they were tiny kittens and had a few accidents

there are stray cats that sit near the kitchen door and lounge window and watch my cats....mine r indoor cats and dont go out at all

could it be males spraying or something?

but how can i get rid of the smell...esp in the kitchen its driving me nuts...and if its not cat pee what else can it possibly be???
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It is possible that the outdoor cats are spraying up against your doors and windows. You could try washing the area with warm water and bleach (be sure to wear your gloves) or a wash to eliminate pee odor from the walls. If it isn't cat pee the only other thing I can think of is a bush outside. There is a type of evergreen bush (can't remember the name) but it smells very much like cat pee.

I hope that helps a little
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i would avoid using bleach as it contains amonia which is in cats wee and could actually encourage them to spray the area.

white vinegar/water solution works well to eliminate the smell and reduce the chances of the cat spraying there again. also to make double sure that there is no residual smell, a bicarbonate of soda/water solution will break down the enzimes (sp) that cat wee contains.

if it isn't cat wee it will still get rid of whatever is causing the smell.

good luck!
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I agree it could be the outside cat spraying but please do NOT use bleach! The combination of bleach and ammonia (which is what cat urine is) cna be a lethal combination commonly know as chlorine gas... very nasty stuff!

It is also possible the it is one or more of your own cats even though you aren't seeing them. If you can take a black light to the areas that smell to see if it's inside out outside.
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Oh gosh! That's good to know about the bleach...I use it to clean everything
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well i dont know where the smell is coming from....it just seems to be in the whole kitchen!

i am 100% sure its not my cats....usually they r with me all day....the follow me around and are always in the same room as me and when they r not they sitting inside the kitchen door which attracts the stray cats from outdoors which makes me think maybe it is male cats spraying...

but a few days ago the smell vanished for 2 days then came back....

its weird but anyway i will try washing outside of the door with the stuff u have said
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I bet the male cats are spraying. Are your females spayed? Even if they are those boys cats KNOW they are females.

I've heard that lemons work well to get rid of the smell and deter cats from peeing there again. I use a spray from the vet that works very well and it smell wonderful! I wish I could remember what it was called..... I had a problem with Leya having "accidents" after she went blind.
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