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My kittens are fairly new to my home. a little over a month now.
I got them from a rescue and they both came to me with diarrhea and a cough, as well as ear mites.

Of course I took them to the vet.

They've just finished with their meds, a bottle of clavamox apiece, and a bottle of ear drops for the mites. Stool test came back negative, still waiting on the results for the tri trich.

anyway... Piper's sneezing like crazy! She's doing it so often it really reminds me of me when I have allergies. They're like little fits. She'll have sneezing bouts, twenty in about as many minutes and then she'll be fine for awhile.
She just started doing it yesterday, I don't think it's URI or kennel cough because she's just been treated for it.

I'm calling the vet tomorrow but any ideas? Is it common for cats to get allergies in the spring? I live in California, things are starting to bloom...