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Raw for cats - thoughts?

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I had started to switch the cats to raw. Then Kiwi got oh-so sick, and it was basically because of feeding her raw, so I stopped for both cats. (I was feeding them nature's variety pre-packed raw)

Basically she has inflammatory pancreatic/liver disease. This was most likely caused/made worse by her being on a steroid pretty regularly for years. So basically, the raw diet did not make her sick, it just brought it to the forefront due to the high levels of fat/protein in the food.

If anything I feel like I should be thankful that the raw brought this to a head, as now we know about it, can adjust and find a diet appropriate for her and move on. As opposed to her continuing to decline slowly for however many more years it would have taken for us to find this damage.

So the plan is for her to go on a vet-formulated homecooked diet that meets all of her needs.

The dogs are raw fed. Kiwi will be fed homecooked. So that just leaves Milo on kibble/canned still. I'm wondering if I should go back to feeding him raw (he was a real bugger and I had to wean him super super slowly from the canned to the raw, I still hadn't gotten all the way over when Kiwi got sick)

Are there many on this site who feed their cats raw? Does it work well? I think I need to hear a few success stories to make myself feel better.

Milo is 5 and a half, just had a dental recently and is in good health. Had one UTI a few years ago, and that's pretty much it as far as health problems. He has some hairball issues, but those are easily managed with the paste.
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I feed raw for their main diet and very little dry (1/8-1/4 cup per day for 3 cats). I don't feed pre-made or ground, I prefer to just cut up chunks of meat myself and add organs. They eat bones too, chicken necks, wings and drumsticks or lamb cutlets.

They are all doing very well, super shiny coats and excellent body condition. Very muscular and solid cat/kittens.
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worked well for Kandie and her CRF ... Zoey is one to only taste ... Gigi did well but with her liver cooked is far better
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I'd probably be feeding pre-prepared, can anyone comment on these brands?

I like the nature's variety as it guarantees 95% meat/bone/organ content, the others don't offer such a breakdown. (that I can see)



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I sometimes feed the nature's variety medallions but I don't like to feed them too often because they're ground. They also have a lot of extra fruit and veg in them that I don't like the girls to have but it's still an okay food.

I'm like missymotus, I mostly just cut up chunks, it's better if they eat it slower. I make sure they get plenty of bone, for their teeth. small birds mostly, like small chicken, squab or quail. This way they can eat them whole in a day or two.

if you're feeding the ground raw I would suggest feeding raw chicken wing or neck a couple of times a week so that they can get the oral benefit of the raw diet as well. gotta keep those teeth shiny!
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I highly doubt he would eat a chicken wing or anything of the sort. It would thrill me to no end if he would, but I really think that's out of the question for him. Getting him to eat the ground up stuff is difficult enough.

The nature's variety is only 5% fruits/veggies, 95% meat bone and organs. I have a feeling that's probably a good ratio in comparison to similar products.

Argh, It would be so much easier if he would just be a little piggy like the dogs.
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I am very sceptical of NV claim of 95% meat ... ie I can make out what veggies are in it ...

the healthypaws looked best to me ... it has things like fish oils NOT FISH and sweet potatos which are great for fiber and vitamins
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