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Sam just called: Mark checked himself into rehab, today. The counselor that they've been seeing got him a full scholarship. Otherwise, it would have been $36,000, for the 28-day program.

I hope this takes. Mark is smart, handsome and has a lot going for him. Sam and those babies need him, too.

We're going to find out about visiting policies, since he's here, in Tucson. His birthday is this month. Maybe, I can take him a cake.
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Cindy, that is GREAT!!! I hope it works for him!!!
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HOORAY!!!!! I don't know what got through to him, but I'm glad something did. Sam and those babies need him, and I'm so happy he has a chance to be there with them in the future!!
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Gosh Cindy, you must be so relieved! I am going to say a prayer that Mark hangs in there, for himself, for Sam and especially....for his babies!

It takes a strong man to admit he needs help. The fact that Mark did this on his own free will speaks volumes....

Way to go Mark!!!
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I agree - WAY TO GO Mark!!!!

I'm SO glad to hear this Cindy!!! You must be pleased as punch. Those great genes he got from you are pulling for him!!!!

:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
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What great news!! That's really terrific! :tounge2:
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Great news! Keeping your son and your family in my thoughts, and I hope he beats it this time!
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What fantastic news! I am sure this takes some of the burden off Sam's shoulders - and reduces her stress. I hope that he works hard in rehab and becomes a loving and devoted father to his precious gift!
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i just saw this! I am soooo glad for you all, this is wonderful news!

im proud of him for doing this (even though I dont know him)
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Thanks, all. I'm going to call and find out if and when I can visit him. I have to call my parents and let them know, too. It'll be a load off of Mom, I know.
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That must really have brightened your day! (I can just see the cats staring at you while you do the "dance of joy".) Hope all goes well.
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Hurray! And he did it himself, that is a good sign.
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I am so glad to hear this, it has truly made my day I will continue to send positive energy your way that things will continue down this new course. I don't post much anymore, don't have the time with my new job, but I do check in and read the posts to keep up with how everyone is doing. I have had you all in my thoughts since you posted about Mark; this is just wonderful news.
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Cindy, I just now saw this!!!! This is WONDERFUL news!!!! I am so glad he is in rehab now!!!! Please keep us posted on how he is doing and I will send up prayers for him! This is such great news!!!!
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