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What do you do?

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What do you do, when it's 28 degrees, and the snowflakes that have just started falling are big as marbles?

That would be the time to find a cozy chair, a good friend, and curl up for a nice nap; maybe the weather will be nicer tomorrow

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Aaaaw! How sweet!! But if it were me, I'd just have to go out and try to catch at least one snowflake on my tongue!!
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Oh my goodness that is precious!!! Look at them with their faces against eachother! How sweet!
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That is adorable!
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very adorable indeed!
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Oh! That is just the sweeeeetest picture!!!
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that is such a gorgeous pic! and what sensible kitties!
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Aww the relaxed life of a cat! That snuggle photo is so cute
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aww! sooo sweet
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