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Mojo helping, plus bonus Trent & Ginger!

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Mojo wanted to help me with laundry today. And what a help she was!

"This is comfy Meowmy! Why do you fill it up with stuff?"

"Hey! What's that???"

"OK, I'll pose pretty for you, Meowmy."

"I am Kitty-Borg. Resistance is futile."

BONUS Ginger & Trent!

LOOOOONNNNGGG Ginger takes a bath...

"Yeah, so my tongue is sticking out. What's you're point?!?!?"

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awww that last one is hallarious!
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You caught quite the panther in that laundry basket!!!!

Beautiful cats!!!
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aww how cute :-) love the laundry basket
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Awwww Mojo-vampire kitty, you have the most gorgeous eyes, and shiny coat! You're such a big hrlp to your mum

I love that last pic of Trent - he does NOT look happy with you
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So cute. Love the little pink tongues.
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aww, it must be a black cat thing, shinobi quite often sits there with his tongue sticking out!
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Awww, Mojo just has the most adorable little face, Trent is as handsome as ever and it's always great to see that sweet Ginger Cookie.
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I just adore Trent

They are all such beautiful kitties!
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You have such pretty kitties! They all take wonderful photos!
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aww cute!
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Thank you for the compliments on my babies! I think they are all adorable too, but I may be a little biased.

I keep telling Trent that he has a bit of a fan club here, but he still won't pose nice when I bring out the camera. He always looks mad at me, but that is the furthest thing from his real purrsonality.

Paula, I just adore Riley too! He's such a handsome boy, and reminds me so much of Trent when he was younger.
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I loooooooooove the laundry basket ones
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