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big paws = big cat?

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I've heard from several people that they think our 10 week old kitten is going to be a big cat because of the size of his paws. I'm just wondering if anyone on here finds any truth to that? Thanks I will say only a week and a half or so he has grown WAY bigger than he was when we got him it seems like..
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It holds true for dogs, I could imagine it would for cats, though perhaps not the polydactyl ones, since they've always got big paws.
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I was told that with Stormy and she turned out small. I think it depends on the Cat.
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My Chuckie had big paws and was a poly and he was a big kitty! (18 pounds)
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Duke was a big cat with huge paws... but then I had smokey who was an average sized cat with huge paws
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i agree i think it depends on the cat, we have a tabby dsh whos about 4 years old, and he has huge paws and weighs in at 16lbs, not fat his just a big build and his at roughly what he should be.
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I say not true.

Ginger had HUGE paws as a kitten and now at almost 3 years old, she's only 8 pounds at her heaviest.
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My Yoshi that I lost last Month was 14 Pounds before he got sick and he never had big paws.
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Tucker had the biggest paws as a kitten, but Peep has the biggest paws now. Neither of them are what would be considered large as they're right around ten I'd say false - it really just depends on the cat.
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When we went to visit Samson he seemed to have quite big paws and ears, but then he is a maine coon so he has a bit of a size advantage lol
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Farley has bigger paws than Demetri and is bigger in size, though neither of them are full grown yet.
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