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Spoiled Rotten Kitty

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So we broke down and bought a cat tree for Pepper from PetSmart today. She LOVES it. Here are some pics (please excuse the mess, it's laundry day )

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I that pic
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That's a very nice tree you got her. Lucky girl!

Love the pick Soft Paws!
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lovely picture's!
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Awww, Pepper looks so content in her cat tree!
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So cute! So looks like she loves it already!
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what good parents you are! i think the only way for a kitty to be is spolied rotten! she is gorgeous.
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Great photos! Love the tree and those nails are to be proud of!!
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lol great the pink nails.
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That's really nice and she is a cutie
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OMG look at her pink claws HOW CUTE IS SHE!?!?
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Those photos are so sweet! Thats wonderful how Pepper loves her new cat tree!
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