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Zoey is sick needs TCS vibes

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I am really worried, Zoey started vomiting today and is not holding down any food. I have been on the phone with the vet and she is going to go in first thing in the morning.

I am so scared I did something, because she always has stinky farts so we started giving her the active ingredient in yogurt. I told the vet that I was giving her Acidophilus, he thinks I gave her an upset tummy and to watch her today if she gets any worse call him for emergency.

I just want to sit down and cry if I did something to hurt her....
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I'll be keeping a good thought for you & Zoey.
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Prayers for her to get better
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Sending healing thoughts Zoey's way!
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Healing vibes for Zoey
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I hope she feels better soon
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Feel better Zoey!
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Thank you for all your good vibes. Zoey is back from the vet!! The vet is treating her for Giardia and he strongly feels that she has IBD. We are starting her on z/d diet and were going to see how that goes. I guess this is fairly common in Bengal cats. I guess I upset her stomach pretty bad when I gave her the yogurt culture Acidophilus. I would have thought it would have helped her.
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Aww the poor thing! I am sending many vibes for Zoey
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Heres many more continued For sweet Zoey!
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Sending continuued healing vibes for Zoey
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Poor sweetie. I hope she's feeling better very soon. for a quick recovery.
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Oh poor Zoey! Hope she gets better soon!
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I hope she feels better.
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Zoey is back at the vet, she isn't getting any better. I found out last night that the acidophilus that her breeder gave us to bring home was the WRONG one. We were under the impression this stuff was for animal usage. She grabbed the wrong bottle of capsules, the one she grabbed was acidophilus and magnesium for humans. So now my cat is spending the day at the vet getting bloodwork done, if she dies I will be devestated.... I feel so torn up inside because inadvertantly I may have poisoned my cat.

Before this all happened Zoey did have bad gas and soft stools which leads back to IBD and giardia, but she became violently ill after she was given the caps.

I have been trying to get her to eat anything. I baked a chicken for her last night since it is her favorite food. She ate a little bit. Today she wouldn't touch any food. I took her back to the vet and he is researching the ingrediants that were in the capsules and they are doing blood work and force feeding her. I hope and pray her kidneys and liver are normal and she gets better.

I have learned a hard lesson from this.

I really need some good TCS vibes for Zoey, I have been crying so hard over all this...

UDATE: her blood work came back really good for kidney and liver function.... Now were just dealing with original problem.. no harm was done.
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You didn't intentionally set out to hurt Zoey - you were trying to help her. So please don't blame yourself.

I hope she'll be okay. More vibes & blessing are being sent your way.

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Sending lots of vibes for Zoey!
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Zoey came home from vet yesterday and she has done a100% turn around!!! They did an awesome job with her!!! They gave her appetite stimulants to jump start her and she is on a roll!!!! Thanks again for your great vibes!!
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