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I think that I've created two monsters. I roasted a turkey breast, in the rotisserie, tonight. Of course, there were small pieces that just "fell off", when it was carved. Not liking to waste food, I put those little pieces in the cats' bowl and gave some to the dogs. Now, both cats are ripping and tearing around the house. It seems that turkey has the same effect as catnip, at least on my crew!
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ha! they say you are what you eat! they're just acting like a couple of turkeys!!!

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Mmmmmmm....rotisserie turkey.

Oh, sorry. Turkey's my fav! And apparently it's Opie and Rowdy's fav too. :tounge2: That's so funny. Mine do that when the turkey is cooking, and cry like they've never been fed. Of course, when I offer them some meat, they turn their little noses up!
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How cute! Turkey makes your cats happy! It just makes me sleepy ...
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I usually give Spike a bit of canned food on holidays for a special treat, but I didn't have any on hand this past Thanksgiving (bad mommy forgot to pick some up. ) so I gave him a tiny piece of our turkey. He loved it! My cat has good taste.
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While it's not the exact same poultry, the only people food Willie has dared to steal off a plate was a chicken breast. I thought that was really funny as the only time he knocked over the garbage can was when I had thrown away a piece of chicken and found him snacking on it. They really do have a thing for 'birdies', don't they?
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