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Fellow Brits needing advice for.....

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I am attending an english wedding in July here in Germany, the Bride is british and the Groom is German, but they both hate having the german ceremony and they are doing it the english way.

I have never attended a british wedding, but i know from my mother that you wear hats.

Is there a special dress code that you have?

I heard that you shouldnt wear Green to a wedding because it means you are jealous.

I am having a hard time finding a hat over here that is designed for the races or weddings, so if anyone has any websites for england please pm me or share in the thread.

My other friend who is pure british is going back to england for the weekend to get her self a dress and a hat.

If anyone sees a pink dress with small black polka dots please let me know
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i sent you a message, hope you find the link's useful. that was a few of many i looked up
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These days, although most people do wear them, hats are not compulsory even at Church weddings, especially for younger people. But they are pretty and we don't often get to wear a hat these days, so I say go for one. On colour, the only rule really is don't upstage the bride! That means not too fussy or extreme and never wear white as a guest. Pastels and bright prints are good. A pretty summer dress ideally in silk or floaty fabric, or a summer weight suit with a flattering hat (remember people will be sitting behind you so think about the height of it) and smart but comfortable (you will be standing around a lot) matching shoes and bag, and you will be fine.
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I've never heard of the green custom?. I know they say you should always find out what colour the mother of the bride and grooms wearing so you don't wear the same.

I've wore a couple of fab hats to weddings but i hate the "hat hair" that comes with them. I wore this head piece called a fascinator in cream to a wedding i went to 2 years ago. I bought it from Marks and Spencer which i'm sure you've heard of? http://www.marksandspencer.com/gp/pr...&mnSBrand=core

The wedding was a large affair so i bought a designer suit made of silk and it's gorgeous and floaty. I'm going to another wedding on the 8th of august so i'm wearing the same outfit to get some use from it because it's not the sort of outfit you wear for a night on the town.

I'll be looking for a new head piece soon and i'm going to look at John Lewis which is another popular UK store.

I fancy this one because it's got more feathers

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Ohh Susan those are lovely! I wasnt planning on wearing white, but ive seen a few really nice white and black dresses
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Theres some really nice colours around as well.

Black and whites ok for a wedding. You could get a lovely white head piece or one that's black with white feathers in?.

Why don't you get your friend to bring you one back when she comes over because theres John Lewis and Marks and Spencer stores all over the UK.
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