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Weeeee! She learned!

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I have broken into my cats secret to training! My cat loves these plastic rings from pop bottles. I've learned how to use those to teach my cat!

Sarah has learned to bring her toy to the futon (so I don't have to move to get it all the time), AND she has learned to beg! She stands on her back paws like a gopher so I will throw her toy!
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How cute!!! You must take pics and share.
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What a smart little kitty! And yes, you must post pictures for us! :tounge2:
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I've taken some pictures... unfortunately I don't have the luxury of a digital camera and they are at the beginning of the roll so it will likely be some time before I am able to post them. I hope they turn out! She tends to stand really near me to beg and I don't have anyone else to take the picture for me!
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Yep- Taz does that with bottle caps, she looks so funny trotting across the room with one in her mouth where she leaps up on our laps and drop it for us, meowing as if to say "throw it for me will ya?"
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Neo loves those things. It's fun to teach cats tricks. Neo and moe know sit, come, up, and stay
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Awww I love to train my kitties too! Mine love the milk carton rings, have you tried those?

I need to get a pix of all three of them in a beg some day. They know other tricks, but that's the first one I always teach cats for some reason.
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I have finally gotten around to developing pictures of Sarah and her new trick. Unfortunately her eyes shine in all them, oh well.

Here she is begging for me to throw her white plastic ring.

And here she is bringing it back to me.

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How cute. I love the second picture... I think it's adorable when kitties carry things around in their mouths.
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why is it you can go out and buy your cat toy's,and they won;t play with it but you open your milk and they will play with a free ring,off the milk carton?
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