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OK, just whose cat are you???

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It seems as though every cat "bonds" to a human in the family. There is no doubt Sterling is Dottie's cat; he won't sleep on the bed with me, unless she's not in the house. He cuddles up next to her. He sits on her lap. When we first got him, he did the same with me, but it seems he's made his choice, now.

On the other hand, Punkin is definitely MY cat. He wants to be in the same room with me. He doesn't sleep on the bed, but he wants to be in my office if I'm there. Every time I get up, he does, too, and follows me wherever I'm going.

The same was true of Truman and Wickett. Truman was definitely Dottie's cat; Wickett was mine.

Do you all find the same to be true in your house?
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My youngest cat is definitely mine. While she likes my fiancee, she spends much more time with her daddy
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Just like with people, male cats generally tend to be 'mamma's boys', and females daddy's little girls!
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OH yeah, it's true here

Keli and Jinx are DH's cats

Shellbie, Kailey, Bandit and Bailey (especially the last two!) are all mine
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Fluffy is a Daddy's girl. I don't think she even likes me. She gets jealous of me sometime and will protest loudly. I have my massage table set up in my living room, and give my SO frequent massages. She will give him kitty loves while his face is in the face cradle, and swat at my feet if she thinks I am too close. She has jumped up on the table, pushed my hands away from him and proceeded to knead right on the spot I was massaging. He rescued her and sat outside in the cold with her tucked inside his jacket for 2 hours until I could come get her.
The other 3 are my babies most of the time.
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Koko is clearly daddy's girl. Scarlett was his girl for about 4 years then one day she decided my lap was as good as his. Stumpy is mostly daddy's boy. Muddy doesn't care as long as you love him. The rest are all mine.
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Hennessy's mine.... except when he wants to annoy the dog, then he's all "Ooooh, lookit, I'm in your mommy's lap, Kahlua! Ooooh, she's petting me and not youuuuuu!"

He's a devious thing sometimes...
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Cubby is a momma's boy. He hates everyone but me. Then there is Rachel. She loves her daddy. She goes right to him when he gets home.
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Shinobi is definitely my kitty. Parrot claimed my boyfriend, and Turtle just likes everyone. :p
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when i used to live with my parents, Jess was no ones cat but her own, and that is still the case, however, Jasper was mine. Now that ive left, he is my brothers, when before he wouldnt come to him and even seemed frightened of him. In fact, he seems to love my brother more than he loved me. Jasper comes and gets him when he wants to sleep because he prefers to sleep with him rather than just on an empty bed. Meows till he follows like he is asking for food. I feel quite rejected.
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Mika is our daughter's cat and definitely favours her. She will get affectionate with me sometimes but only if our daughter isn't home.

Bijou, however, is very different. If hubby is doing some fix-it job on the cars or the house, Bijou stays by his side "supervising". He curls up on hubby's lap in the evenings while hubby watches TV. However, at bedtime he is my baby. He gets his little lick/suckle in on my neck, then curls up under my chin to sleep. He doesn't sleep with hubby or our daughter - just me. Sometimes if I'm on the computer he'll come and climb on my chest, lick my neck and purr like a little motor boat. When he wants to play, he'll often carry his mouse to our daughter because she plays with him so I'd have to say he has a special relationship to each of us equally.
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We have 3 kitties who have preferences between us. Sushie & Spici are daddies girls, they just love to lay on him all the time! They do lay with me but they will stare at him waiting for an invite. Snowball is my boy. He loves snuggling right next to me! The rest of our fuzzy family loves us both equally
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Yes, I do. Oreo is more attached to me and my oldest son than anyone else. Tosh is more DH cat. My DH can do no wrong with him. Snickers is our "catty cat". She does not snuggle but will allow me...and only pet her when she wants something. She will refuse to eat if anyone but me feeds her. Jazz is more attached to me.
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