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Update on House Finch...

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Yay!!!!!! The Tamarack Wildlife Center just called and wanted to know if I be home in the next half hour so they can come over to release the finch!!
Im surprised the treatment took so long but hes finally going back to the wild!!! and im sure ill see him around the neighbors bird feeder every now and then!!
Im gonna take a couple pics when they get here as well as a video of them releasing him!! I cant wait to see him again!! this makes me wanna get a Bird Feeder now just for him!!

[[I was calling him Phoenix while he was here BTW]]
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OMG!! ok so like 5 min after posting this thread.. Sue from Tamarack knocked on the door! lol so we went into my backyard to the spot where I first noticed him and she opened the box and he flew off into the trees!! I couldnt take pics but I did video tape it and man is he quick! I barely got him on the video...

I barely got to even look at him... but from what I saw, he looked way more energized and healthy than before!
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Fly free little guy! How cool that you got to see him be released and you must have a great feeling knowing that you were a part of it.
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Awww! He was so happy to be back outside wasn't he!!!!
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Cool glad he made it! I hope that disease stops spreading so the finches stay healthy.
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I have an awsome feeling knowing I saved him and watched him go back to the wild.. its so cool!! Its not like I havnt Cared and Released Birds before.. I just havnt done it in yrs.

Sue said it takes a month for all the treatment and she also said he was living in an outdoor Enclosure the whole time... I wanted to stop by the Center and say Hi but I never got a chance to. At least I know he'll be around the house now!

Oh thats another thing... a week after they picked up the House Finch they got another House Finch with the same Issue but from a totally different area than me.
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Wow, that is so wonderful! You must feel so good that you helped the little guy
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