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A prayer for my sister needed...

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I posted over on Rainbow Bridge I had to put her cat of 15 years down today.... While she gave me permission, she is bi-polar and I worry about her. She did not take the news well AT all. Im now second guessing myself, if I did the right thing.... I know in my heart I did but....
I just need some prayers she will have closure.... they've been through some rough times those 2.

RIP CJ Pepper
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Prayers and positive energy are on the way to you and your sister. I know from my own experience how difficult this type of loss is...
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Thank you. Im hoping the thoughts and prayers get her through this rough time.... I seriously dreaded the day this was going to happen.
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i am so sorry you had to make such a tough decision. my heart is with you...
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I'm so sorry that you had to make this hard choice. Sometimes, it's the best to let our furry companions pass in peace, but I'm sure it was difficult for all of you. Thoughts and prayers for you and your sister tonight, and may angels comfort you.
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Im so worried about her. She is taking this much much worse then any of us anticapated....
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More positive energy flying out to both you and your sister.
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Prayers and positive thoughts going out to your sister and you.
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Prayers for you and your sister. I'm so sorry to hear that you had to do such a difficult thing. My heart reaches out to you and your sister.

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This might be a wrong time to suggest this but is new cat out of the question? Sometimes it might help. Depends on the people though, when I lost my dog some years back, first I wanted another dog immadiately, then few days later I didn't want to see dogs at all.

Anyway, all the best for your sister! And you too, I'm glad you care so much about her!
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i am so sorry your sister is taking this hard....give her my love and hugs and she is in my prayers.

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thank you.

I drempt last night we got her a new kitten/cat called angel. She is sick with something funky and so I don't know that she's thought about it much since I told her
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Rachel, did you tell her about your dream? Instead of asking if she wants a new cat, if you haven't already, why not tell her the dream and ask her what she thinks about it?

Maybe you can get together to make some kind of memorial to the kitty if it would make her feel better about it.
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*slipping on my psychologist hat*

I too am worried about her. Is she taking medications for the bipolar disorder? Even if she is taking meds, a major loss like this can sometimes really knock down someone with this illness. As you know the depressive episodes can be very serious. Is she seeing a therapist? Does she have a good social support network. Can you or someone else stay with her while she works through this?

Since her cat died only hours ago, I am not surprised that your sister is crushed. However, if she is not able to eat, bathe, dress or otherwise care for herself by tomorrow, please call her therapist or physician. Intense grief is normal, but should not be debilitating.

Please PM me if you want.
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Sending lots of positive thoughts out to your sister (and you). Though I'm not bi-polar, I've struggled a lot with depression; I'm dealing with it right now and this is the first time I'm being medicated. I know bi-polar is a completely different scenario, but I can't begin to imagine having to go through the loss of one of my fur-babies. So, I'm sending lots of hugs and positive thoughts to your sister that she pulls through this very rough time :flower: :flower: :flower:
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How is your sister doing now? I missed this thread earlier, I am sending up prayers for her now....please let us know how she is doing.
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