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Lump on back

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I`m just wondering when I should be concerned. Kitty has a lump about the size of 2 peas on the right of his spine just behind his shoulder.

He`s had abcesses before but this is not the same. It is quite firm and moves with the skin. No heat in it. It doesn`t bother him when I feel it and there is nothing to see under the hair. I don`t think the size has changed either and I noticed it maybe 5 days ago.

He had an anti-inflammitary shot almost 2 weeks ago but it seems a bit lower than were they usually inject so I don`t know if it`s to do with that.

I found something similar after doing a search here but the person didn`t update so sorry if this has been asked before!

Anyone have any ideas?
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I would have a vet examine this, could be one of many things
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He should be taken to the vet. It could just be a reaction from the shot recently, but I would CERTAINLY have it checked out to make sure it isn't fibrosarcoma.
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Take him to the Vet. It can be from the Shot. Coco got a lump from a Shot and they said it would be gone in 2 weeks. It took 2 Months for it to go away. It was a Depo Midrol Shot though. Lucy had one from a Vacine and got very sick. It could be nothing or could be something bad. Have the vet look at it.
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I second having a vet take a look and possibly a sample (using fine needle aspiration, they can remove some cells to see what kind of cells make up the mass). Spot had a cyst on his back that was about the size of a pea. We drained it a few times, but it usually came back. It never bothered him, so we didn't do anything else about it. One of the vet tech at my vet's office found a lump on Zek's hind leg last week. We took a sample, and the vet told me to keep an eye on it. Yesterday, we were back at the vet's office since one lump had become three lumps. The vet did another needle biopsy, followed by a skin scraping, and Zek was diagnosed with eosinophilic granuloma, probably due to some type of allergy.

There are a wide range of causes for the lumps, so I urge you to have your vet take a look so you can find a definitive dignosis and treatment. Keep a close eye on the lumps for any changes as well, so you can tell your vet about them. That can help with the diagnosis.
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I agree with everyone who says take him to the vet.

Cindy had a lump from a shot and it took about two months to go down. We had her scheduled for a lumpectomy when it finally disappeared.

More recently she's had a few bumps on her back that we took her in for. The vet said there are a number of things that can cause lumps in a cat and most of them aren't serious. Cindy's turned out to be a cyst, but a neighbor cat had a lump on her side that turned out to be cancer. The neighbor explained it like skin cancer in a human, and the cat is fine.

I guess I wouldn't take a chance and have it checked.
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Captain has a lump on his head about the size of a pea. He's had it for over a year. I took him to two vets. The first one said to remove it and the other said to leave it alone. It was firm and moveable like your cats. I decided to leave it alone because it didn't bother him. It grew really big about the size of a grape and then popped. I called the vet when it popped and he said to do a warm compress and alot of the pus was removed. The remaining pea sized lump has calcitified and will eventually fall off. My cat is taking a homeopathic remedy to resolve his lump. It is almost flat and shriviled. If his lump caused discomfort, sickness, or got worse. I would've had it removed asap. I think it wouldn't hurt to have you vet take a look at it. I wouldn't remove it unless you have to.
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Thanks for your input, everyone. It`s been very helpful and has convinced me it needs to be looked at even if it`s just for them to say it`s nothing to worry about.

I`m going to ring the vets in the morning. I feel like a neurotic pet owner but if it was something nasty I`d never forgive myself if it was left because I was too embarrassed to take him. It`s only because he`s been 3 times already in the last month getting his teeth sorted and all my non-cat owning friends think I`m over-reacting

He`s been pulling fur out on his back for a while. Maybe it`s connected
Will know soon though.

Thanks again!
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When my younger cat, Zek, ended up needing to go to the vet two Saturdays in a row, I just figured he's trying to rival the other cats, particularly his black and white predecessor, Spot. Spot once went to the vet 4 times in a week due to an abscess and complications with his hyperthyroidism. Even my usually healthy cat, Willow, was at the vet twice in the same day once, before she eventually passed. My vet, the techs, and the office staff all know me, and most recognize my voice on the phone because I call so often. I figure it's all worth it for my peace of mind--I'd rather know what I'm facing so I know how it can be treated, if treatment is needed.

My non-cat owning friends might think I'm nuts, but these are my kids, and I am responsible for their care. They just joke about being reincarnated as one of my cats in their next life.
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Originally Posted by cloud_shade View Post
My non-cat owning friends might think I'm nuts, but these are my kids, and I am responsible for their care. They just joke about being reincarnated as one of my cats in their next life.
Yes, I`d rather know for sure but my non-cat friends say the vets see ££££ signs when I walk in the door Funnily enough, one couple I know said they want to be reincarnated as my pets too. I did warn them they`d have to have their 'bits' chopped off and they changed their minds

We`re going in next week as it`s not an emergency but hopefully it will have gone by then.
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Sending vibes that it's nothing. Raven's fibrosarcoma started as a lump that kind of resembled an abcess. I also took him in pretty quickly to get it checked out. It took a while to get the diagnosis though.
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