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Is it the hormones or what? Kitty is biting!

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Kitty is a pregnant stray that we took in a few weeks ago (due March 5 or so). She is very sweet and well socialized (our vet is sure she was someone's pet) and is now a 100% indoor cat due to the pregnancy.

But lately she has been biting!! Sometimes it happens when she is sitting on my lap....I'll be petting her, then out of the blue she bites my finger or wrist --not hard enough to break the skin...and she never uses her claws (which are very sharp!)...but it does hurt. When she does this, I put her down on the floor and refuse to hold her for a while.

But during the past few nights, she's been biting me (and the rest of the family) while we are sleeping! She'll come into our beds and bite fingers, toes, wrists.. whatever she can get her teeth on. Again, she isn't biting hard enough to break the skin....and she isn't using her razor sharp claws....but what the heck?? Obviously I can close my door at night, but I have 2 kids and I like to hear whats going on....and there is no way the kids are going to sleep with their bedroom doors shut. Last night my daughter woke up becasue the kitty was biting her head! What can I do?

p.s. This problem pails in comparison to the biting, but she is also pooping outside the litter box (right on the floor!) so if anyone's got a solution for that one, I'd love to hear it. I've tried all different sorts of litter, but so far, no dice.
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Maybe she is getting antsy about being pregnant or it's for attention. Some cats do it out of affection, they just don't know it is annoying. When my kitten was biting for fun I would give her a tap on the nose everytime she did it and said "no!" Maybe your kitty needs to be confined somewhere at night so she doesn't bite people in their sleep. During the day, you and your family can just try the tap and say no when she does it. She will just have to learn that you don't like it. My kitten got the message fairly quickly when she found out I wouldn't tolerate it anymore. Maybe once she is broken of it, she won't have to be confined at night.
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You poor thing! As if all of the waiting isn't agonizing enough! I hope she QUITS SOON! Our pregnant cat, Pennie, is always hungry. We close our bedroom door so she can't come in at night. So, she started going into the kids' room, jumping in their beds (even the top bunk!!) and meowing loudly to be fed. I'm now closing their door and giving her a huge amount of food before we go to bed. After several days of the kids being woken up, for the day, at 6 a.m., I had to change my routine. Anyway, so much fun, so little time, lol!
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