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Fine, be that way

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Last night Popsie decided he'd rather sleep on the couch by himself than in bed with me. Then after I gave him his breakfast this morning he crawled in bed with me and snuggled. The big snob.
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That's the sort of thing Brandy would do! Only he wouldn't climb into bed with me, it would have to be either the sofa or when I sit on the floor. He never really goes upstairs, it's a rare occasion!
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My Lucy Belle will not climb onto bed with me but will do so only when she pleases. She sleeps everywhere, on the couch, on the dining chair tucked under the dining table, on the kitchen floor, windowstill, etc. But every morning, I wake up with her sleeping next to me. Strange because I never know when she comes up.
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George (or Georgie as I've been calling him lately) stopped sleeping with me for a few weeks and I actually felt slighted I think the bedroom was too cold for him (we had some really cold nights for a while) and he needed to find someplace warmer. I knew he was back when, yesterday, I was awakened from a deep sleep by his SNORING!!
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My kitties occasionally leave me kitty-less too... Oh well...at least I don't get smothered on those nights by Faith trying to sleep on my face...Hahahaha
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