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Brady and his friends

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Every once in a while I get a nice pic that I can share here.
The first one is Brady at the top of the steps. Doesn't he have a lovely coat?

The second one shows all three of my furkids that show what my side of the bed looks like at 6:30 AM. Zircon usually curls up like a bagel at the right corner near my feet, and Brady squeezes in next to him. As soon as I get up, Sophia jumps into my spot so I have a job squeezing back in myself. Hubby calls this my 'personal petting zoo.'
Those of you who remember when I was getting Brady accustomed to his new life as a pet (with two doggy buddies) can appreciate how meaningful this pic is! Without the coaching I got from some Catsite members I doubt we would have gotten to the point where pics like this are possible!
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awwwwww Good job with him!
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Those are nice pictures! That second one looks like a family portait! I think I'd frame that one!
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aww lovely!

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They all look like they're saying "Are you awake yet?"
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Oh my goodness! That's quite a bed!!!!
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time for a bigger bed!
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They look like a happy family!! Beautiful cat...and dogs!
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Aww how sweet!! Where do you sleep?
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they are all adorable! brandy looks like a big guy!
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They are all beautiful!
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I love the one of all three--its like they were posing
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Hey thanks guys!
HA if we gota bigger bed they would still sleep crosswise or right next to us. They believe in togetherness.
My stop is right inbetween the white dog and the red dog.
And YES Brady is big. I mean, he is a big boy, but he is also overweight. He should weigh 12-1/2 lbs and he is up to about 15-1/2 so we are working on that.
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