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How is UTI diagnosed?

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In cleaning out the litter box today I smelled amonia. Some reading up on this has led me to believe that it is possible that Moses has UTI. (Although, it very well could be due to my recent slacking in box scooping...oops.). How is UTI diagnosed? Is it an expensive test, bloodwork, or just a regular visit?
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Ammonia means you are not throughouly cleaning the box Dump it completely, wash it with even a simple dish soap and scrub it out. Then dry it and SMELL IT. If it STILL smells like urine or ammonia, throw it out and buy a new one. Ammonia smell does not mean a UTI. It means urine has been sitting in the box for too long.

On the other hand, if your cat is older and due for a vet appointment soon, it might be worth it to do a test to see if she does have any problems.

Oh and to actually answer your question, a urinalysis is done at the vet clinic to test for blood or other things in the urine that shouldn't be there
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Yeah, I'm thinking that its just my inattentiveness to the box lately. I'll wait before scheduling a vet visit.

So...if I were to have a unrinanalysis done, I'd have to bring in a urine sample? How on earth would I get a sample?
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You dont have to bring a sample in. My Vet gets the sample easy. Just bring the cat to the vet and they will get the sample. Coco did have that nasty smell when she peed and had the infection. Yours might be because the Pans are not cleaned enough though. When they have a infection they try to go but not much will come out. They will squat sometimes cry.
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