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Anyone else suffer from Motion Sickness?

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I get carsick so easily and have tried every home remedy and "cure" out there. I'm sick of all the pills making me drowsy. Is there anything out there that actually WORKS? I've tried: Dramamine and Bonine, ginger everything, those elastic wrist straps with the pressure point thingy, sitting in the passenger's seat, etc. The ONLY thing that provides relief is me driving. But I don't like driving in cities so that's not always possible.

What works for you?
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I usually stick to the Dramamine. Fortunately I dislike driving and DH doesn't; so it's OK for me to use the drowsy pills. Even their less drowsy knocks me out. I feel bad falling asleep on DH like that, but usually when I get feeling drowsy, I make sure we've got a couple cds by his favorite artists in!

I did know someone who said the magnet wrist band helped her, but I never tried that for me.
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The pressure point bands help me a lot, at least for the motion sickness I get on microscopes (which I work on all day long now). The trick for me seems to be to have them on for an hour or so before I need them, not just when I do.

Peppermint always helps with the nausea though, at least for me. Try something with peppermint oil in it, not just flavoring. Extra gum and Altoids are what I use, though the gum is more effective. Could be a mental thing but it does the trick for me!
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I get carsick easily if I'm not driving If I'm not driving, I fall asleep If I don't, I'll
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I found a homeopathic liquid called calm forte' and it works well for me. I get mild motion sickness, but I can ride in a car ok. I was surprised to find that many drug stores carry it. When I had to fly home from Kansas City, I don't think I would have been nearly so comfortable without it.
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Most car rides don't bother me but if I'm in a RV or bus I can't handle it in the back and have to sit in the very front. I've only ever used Dramamine and it really doesn't work for me.
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Originally Posted by Dixie_Darlin View Post
I get carsick easily if I'm not driving If I'm not driving, I fall asleep If I don't, I'll
Same with me.... especially on long trips. I've taken Dramamine (sp?) and Ematrol (for nausea).
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I got carsick all the time when I was little. Dramamine helped and put me to sleep. I still get sick if I ride in the back seat and definitely in the back of a bus. Trains and planes don't bother me.
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when i used to sit in the back of the car (behind the driver), i was carsick on every journey we went on! now i sit in the passenger seat am fine, i always fall asleep though LOL!
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The only time I get car sick is if I try to read while the car is moving. I never used to be like that but a month or so ago I decided to read while on my way to the gym and I started to feel nauseated. It could be eye related too. I'm over due for an eye exam and I know I need new glasses. But other than that one incident I'm ok in a car.
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If I'm going anywhere in a car during the day, I absolutely have to drive. If I try to passenger...even in the front seat, with the air conditioning blasting in my face, I have to pull over and puke constantly. I don't seem to get motion sick at night. I'm not sure if it's because I can't see much out of the windows at night, or if it's the sun/shadow strobe effect that gets me during the day. If I can't drive, I try to have a prescription for Scopolamine patches to use (like when I visit my sister in San Diego.) For a long time after I switched doctors, I couldn't get a script for the patches, so I finally bit the bullet and learned how to drive in Southern California traffic
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