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Sunday! What's on your Agenda?

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Morning All!

Another chilly morning here about -18 but sunny.

Typical Sunday for me heading off to work in a bit. Hopefully I should be finished up around 4.

For all of you who get to stay in bed this morning

Nothing special planned for this evening, laundry is piling up so guess I should do some of that. Then just TV and a early night. Haven't been sleeping to well the last couple of nights and it is starting to catch up with

Kitties are good this morning, they of coarse went back to bed and now are dead to the world...

Everyone have a good day
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Not doing much today. Just laying in bed watching Third Watch right now. I forgot how much I loved this show! I gotta finish cleaning then I'm gonna meet my boyfriend at work and bring him lunch from someplace. Then Walmart and back home.

Just a normal Sunday for me!
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Normal Sunday for me. Church then going out to lunch.
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Mostly cleaning my room, kitchen, and bills along with income tax. I may do some yard work later on.
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Well, I was hoping to move But that's kinda shot until after 2pm.
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I am heading out to do the groceries, get gas and take a movie rental back. I also have to overhaul Trouts Litterbox today I really hate that job

Then of course put the laundry away and do the dishes.
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I had work this morning. I am sick again so i felt like a mac truck ran over me the whole time i was at work this morning

Tonight my mom and I are were supposed to go to the bridal store and get an outfit for her to wear to the wedding and two for me (one for the rehersal and one for pics/the shower). I wound up calling her to reschedule. I'm just too sick to leave the house at the moment. I'm totally congested, stuffy, and have the sore throat from hell I came home from work and took a 2 hour nap. At the moment i'm just laying around the house feeling kind of "blahhh." I think i'll just sit around the house with the humidifier today and try to rest up before work again tomorrow.
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I am just sitting around by myself all day. Doing some laundry, maybe cleaning. I will probably make dinner and have it ready for 5 when my boyfriend gets home.
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Awwh, sorry you had to go to work, I hope it goes by quickly and smoothly for you :-)

DH and kid are cleaning out the garage and organizing it today. I'm inside (I'm glad b/c it's chilly!), I went on a cleaning spree already in the kitchen, and I will probably try to catch up my laundry today. We are smoking some venison steaks later, and just hanging out together hopefully!
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As soon as my husband decides to get out of bed we're going to PetSmart to spoil Pepper even more!
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I had to work this morning, and then fiance and i watched a movie and had a nap, then i put some music on and cleared out the waldrobes and rearranged it (it got to the stage where we couldnt find anything) now its all organised and the rooms are still not ok! I have just prepared dinner potatoes and rice filled tomatoes and its in the oven waiting to be done.
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i have nothing planned! i'll be on here most the time, or maybe playing on my Nintendo DS
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I'm sick of being sick this winter. This is the 4th time I've been sick since Thanksgiving. I can barely breathe, and it feels like it's gone into my chest this time. I think I'm going to go to the Urgent Care first thing in the morning.

I wish I owned stock in the Kleenex company!!!
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Nothing planned for the rest of the day. Earlier this afternoon we went to Petsmart and bought some kitten and adult cat food to start weaning Monte & Katina onto adult food soon. Bought a pleco for one of our fish tanks, and picked up Zaxby's for lunch.

Now we're just sitting around the house, enjoying our last day of "rest" before going back to work!! Not looking forward to it!!
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just got home for the shooting range, killed lots of paper.
now i am thinking of going to bed.
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That's easy, doing what I thought everybody else would be doing today, watching the Academy Awards!
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Well we got my books reconcilled and closed for the year!! Made a profit (a small one) again too!! Would like to make more this year.

Then went to a fellow freecycler's house and got about 60-70 small spools of thread.
So if I have to make more cat blankets I have lots of thread-I'll drop some off so the rescue can share my bounty!!

We went for a walk and there were lots of people out snowmobiing today.

Have some pasties in the oven baking for dinner -the roast chicken is going to be tomorrow.

Probably will start knitting another scarf later tonite.
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I did get all my cleaning done. Am going to make something that goes fast tonight for dinner. Earlier with the weather being 70 C and sunny I went for a nice run. Not too many days to just enjoy the warmth and sunshine.
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