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Thanks for all the advice in this thread

They (we) now have two problems.

The first is a cold. I was an idiot and after washing them, used a towl to dry them instead of a hair dryer. Comes from never using or owning one. Now one of the kittens has a cold where he ocassionally sneezes and sprays mucus. Normally at me. He also sometimes has what sounds like a cough. I've had them taking 3 sets of injections over 3 days at the pet shop/breeder i bought them from.

So far it the cold is there but it seems to be getting better. They eat and drink like normal and are just as hyper active. Should i take them to a vet?

(I like in a medium size city in China so a vet is not always an ideal option)

The second problem is they appear to have a skin/fur infection and have passed it on to me. See the lesions in this pic. The type/name from the translation is ringworm. Incredibly itchy.

I've been to see a doctor and applying creams to the lesions so I'm fine. The problem is the kittens. They apprear to have no skin problems so its just a matter of making sure they don't infect me again. I've been advised to wash them in a solution containing dettol. Are searching online and reading about dettol, i'm not willing to do that. What is a safe way to clean the infection/bug from their fur? A trip to the vet? As a temporary measure, I'm going to wash them with a small amount of my shampoo. And dry them with a new hair dryer.

Any tips/ideas/suggestions would be really appreciated. The three of us are really not enjoying this.

Once these to problems are sorted out, its time to go to the vet for nuetering and vaccinations.

P.S. I orginally wanted to get one but one young kitten at home during the day by it self was not good and luckily the pet shop and a litter of four siamese kittens. So i had to get two. Could not resist and now have a brother/sister pair.