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Cat that comes in...

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We live at he end of a very quiet road, at the opposite end to the road there is a big house and the people that lived there had 50 cats! Most of the cats were fed but some were disowned and went to live on the streets. One of the cats imperticular comes into our house and eats our cats food (which is fine now because we give him his own bowl).
He comes in almost everyday now, he gets braver every time, last weekend I was lying down next to him feeding biscuits and then he came close and I got to touch him and then he licked my finger, but soon after backed off.
We are tryingto get him to come in even more because when he is brave enough and we can touch him, we will take him to the vet, get him checked over (I am calling him a he but we don't atually know!) , see if he has worms etc..

Please reply and tell me what you think.

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He'll be yours in no time.
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The old farmer's tale of how to get a cat to stick around is to put butter on his paws. That would assume you could touch his paws, I guess...
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A little fuss and attention sure goes a long way!

Best of luck to you, and I'm grateful for such kindness!
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I had a neighbor that swore by putting a pat of butter on their food to win their affections. Couldn't hurt to try!
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good luck hope you get to gain his trust he deserves a happy home
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Sounds to me like you haven't really got a say in the matter - he's decided to come and live with you and is just taking it slowly to let you get used to the idea and possibly even fool you into thinking it was your decision
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Thank you so much for your replies, I realy appreciate them, a special thank you to DeeDeeMay for giving me some cat milk!
You have given me some advice which is much needed and appreciated.

Thank you, keep posting replies,

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My grandparents had the same situation, except they were bribing the stray kitty with cans of salmon or tuna. Eventually they were able to catch her, get her to the vet to be all fixed up, and now they are "owned by her". She is super spoiled!!! Hope it works out for you too!
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Keep on lovin on him, and pretty soon he will be returning the favor
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Sounds like you are doing good.

We had a mother cat that got dropped off in our backyard while I was growing up. We did the same thing. Then one day while my parents were at work, I was able to pet her and love all over her. She led me right to her kittens and I brought all of them in the house. Oh and the mother cat was also declawed so her chances of hunting wasn't good. I kept her and named her mama. She was a wonderful cat. She was still a little skittish with everyone except myself. Oh how I loved her.
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Thanks again for the posts that have been added over the last few days, and also thank you for telling me about your stories about cats.

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