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Cat panting and has diarrhea?

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My cat, cretin, has always been a bit of an odd ball (hence his name) but recently he's been panting out of nowhere and eating grass. For a month now he's also had diarrhea. I put him in front of the water bowl when he pants but he doesn't drink. He does drink water when he's thirsty though. Oh and he has black spots on his nose. Anyone know how to deal with these problems? Thanks.
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Panting and diarrhea in cats are not normal and definite signs of illness. Please bring cretin to the vet.
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Today if possible.
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i agree, he needs to go to the vet asap. let us know how he gets on. good luck.
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I agree that a vet visit is in order ASAP. Sending lots of get well vibes for Cretin
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Well, I've taken him to the vet, and it seems he had a fever as well as a virus. Pretty good I asked you guys eh? I probably wouldn't have taken him to the vet for at least another month or so if you nice folks hadn't told me to (the vet being quite a distance a way, if you see what I mean), and it took some pretty heavy persuading on my part. The vet gave him a shot and three pills, with instructions for me to give him the same amount of pills for the next four days. All in all, I think he will be just fine , and all thanks to you guys
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That's great to hear! Thanks for the update
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yay! glad to hear cretin is feeling better!
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Direahha for a month is NOT normal. I'm glad you got him to the vet but please don't wait so long in the future.
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What pills did he give you for only 4 days? That is not a normal length of time to medicate a cat, it is usually 7-14 days... Just curious. That is great you took him to the vet. The black spots on the nose are normal assuming he is white or orange colored. I usually see that on cats of that color.
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I don't know what the pills are, he didn't specify, but I just finished giving him three of them. I think it's all right, and I should be seeing the good doctor 2 weeks from now anyway.
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