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Need humane trap in San Bernadino CA

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My boyfriend is out in CA visiting his mother, and they are trying to trap a pregnant feral currently living under his mom's house. Does anyone know where in the San Bernardino area they can get/rent/borrow a humane trap to catch this girl before she has her kitties?
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This site should give you some help. Although it is located in Riverside, it was listed under San Bernardino. So I assume it covers that general area:

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Well, they got a trap from the local SPCA.

First, they caught his mother's outdoor cat.

Then, they caught the neighbor's cat.

Then they caught several other ferals.

Last night, they finally trapped the pregnant female. They set up a private, safe spot for her in an unused bedroom, so she will have a warm, safe place to have her kittens.

Thanks to everyone for their help!
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Keep us updated! I am very close to San Bernardino and would be interested to hear how they are doing.
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Will do. All I know about her at this time is that she is a black and white, very pregnant cat.
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I am so glad she has a safe and warm place to have her kittens. I had to smile when you said they caught her mother's and neighbor's cats first. I hope they're no worse for the experience! I'm sure they were not very happy about it. At least they didn't capture a racoon.
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Glad you were able to finally trap her and give her a warm place.

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Yes, she is warm and dry. I got an update on her a little while ago. She is hissing up a storm, but is eating kibble and drinking water without a problem. She is a little cat, but is "huge"; according to my boyfriend, he says she looks about as big as Lilith did just before the kittens arrived. So there should be kittens before he leaves there in 2 weeks!

The other thing that concerns us both is that there seems to be a LOT of ferals in that area. I sent him an email link to the no-kill shelter list, and he is going to see about making some calls. Someone needs to do some trap/neuter/release work there. Are there any organizations that anyone knows of, that serve the SB area? I am out here on the east coast and have never lived out that way, so I am at the mercy of the search engines...
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This site should be helpful. Let us know, all right?
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Mom of 10 how is the trapping effort going? You are from my old stomping grounds and I do still have a few contacts that may be able to help you. Give me a holler and I will let my friends know you need help if you do need it? I used to live in Highland.
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Angel had four kittens this afternoon. BF's mom said one was black and white, another was grey and white, other two she wasn't sure of. They were born behind the toilet Mom and kits appear to be doing well.

Hissy, we might need info for placing the kittens once they are weaned, and their mom too. I don't know how keen BF's mom is on more cats, she has 7 already! Thank you though!
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You mean you don't want to be known as "Mom of 15?" LOL
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No, Mary Anne Actually BF's mom is on West Coast in San Bernardino, we are on East Coast just outside of Philly. That makes it difficult, to say the least, for us to get any of those kits.
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Well heck, he could always just stuff them in his suitcase on his next visit! LOL besides, you sound like you don't need any help *finding* cats!
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LOL, Mary Anne, I have no problem finding them. About as much of a problem as you do.

We are badgering his mom for pictures of the kittens. There was another one born after the 4 I had reported on, for a total of 5 kittens. All are black and white, just like their mom. As soon as we get pics, I will post them. It may be a while, though, as she doesn;t have a digital camera. I still don't know how I ever got by without one!
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Oh cool- tuxedo kittie pictures can't wait!!!
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I am supposed to be getting pictures soon, they haven't been developed yet.

BTW my BF's mom has joined TCS! Her ID is RHBarb.
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