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kitten found...need help

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I'm 14 and after a big snow storm, my family and i found a little black kitten under our porch. with some wet cat food, we were able to get him out. once out he let us hold him and we instantly brought him inside where we have a dog and 2 other cats. the dog and the kitten are now friends and will lay down together, but my cats are a different story. we have had to keep them on different floors. the kitten also crys a lot, and my parents are getting a little annoyed. can anyone help me?
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First off, I would seperate the kitten until you get it vet checked. You never know what it might have that it can pass off to your kitties.

The kitten is missing it's family. It may also be too young to eat on it's own/be away from mom.

I'd set the kitten up in a small room with food/litter/toys/water. Get it vet checked for worms, parasites, etc. Test if for feline luekemia & FIV.
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Thank you for rescuing the kitten!
You need to keep the kitten separated from your other cats until your parents are able to get it checked out by a vet. there are several diseases that the kitten could be carrying and pass onto your current cats.

The kitten is crying because it is scared and lonely. Can you go play with it or hold it for awhile? Wash up afterwards (see above).

The introduction process needs to go slowly, though cats often tolerate kittens quicker than adult cats.

Others will be on to give you lots of good advice.
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thanks. its been eating by itself and all, but the crying is...i'd have to say...annoying, but i feel sorry for it. we have already hung up flyers and everything, so i'm hoping it can go home soon even though it is really cute.
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Something I used to do when my daughters were going through their colicky stage was to put foam earplugs in while I walked them and rocked them. I could still hear them but it was muted so it wasn't as grating on my ears. Since I was holding them it may have saved my hearing a bit too. Perhaps you could do that while you give the little one some much needed comfort. He sounds very lonely and frightened. I've heard too that a ticking clock or a warm stuffed animal can be comforting, though I personally have no experience with a lonesome kitten. Hopefully his owners will be found soon.
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Try getting either a soft stuffed animal or a fleece blanket for it to lay on, and make sure the kitty is warm! Can you post any pics so we know how little of a kitten we're talking about?? Lots of love is important! Try getting some Kitten Milk Replacement also... Have we thought of a name for the kitty even though he/she's just temporary?? That way we dont have to call him/her it!!??
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Yes, please take the kitten to the vet asap. You should keep him/her away from the other pets till the vet checks the kitten over. Also the vet can tell the age of your kitten and how you should feed him.

Cats are not instant friends. They may take weeks or months to adjust to a newcomer. And if the kitten is sick, they could be more upset and reject the kitten. Hopefully the kitten will check out fine.
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the kitten has been sneezing a lot, and its eyes are running, is it ok? will it get better on its own?? but its pretty much stopped crying, and it has made best friends with my dog, and taken over its bed!
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i found a kitten outside yesterday, and last night it started sneezing and its eyes started running. is it okay?? will it get better on its own??
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when i found my kitten he was very young & doing the same thing, runny eyes, nose & sneezing. i took him to the vet the next day & he had a URI, and conjunctivitis. they gave me antibiotics for the URI & special eye wash and gel to be applied to the eyes. it started clearing up within days. take the cat to the vet & see what they say.
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To answer your question about the eyes and sneezing - no - it will not get better on its own. It has a respiratory infection - a kitty cold - but in lil babies like this one, it is serious.

It needs to see a vet as soon as humanly possible. Tell your parents to tell the vet that it is a stray that you found under your porch. Many animal doctors will give you a price break since it is not your pet and you are doing a good deed by looking after it.

The kitten milk is a good idea, as is the stuffed animal. If it will accept the bottle, may help comfort it too. As a baby, it may really miss nursing on its momma. And since it is a baby - babies cry... even cat babies.

Any more questions do not hesitate to post on here again. We are all pulling for you and your new little houseguest!

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thanks...but i'm just 14 and my parents will probably not take him to a vet because we found him and they just want to get rid of him. any advice there...cuz i could use it.
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Ace- see my post on your other thread about the upper respiratory infection - AddieBee
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thanks. i'll try my best. the kitty's milk, where do you get that, and is it expensive??
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Ace, where do you live?

There are probably some local rescue groups who could help you. In my area, the big ones are TLC (Tender Loving Cats) and PACT (People and Cats together). These groups could place this kitten in a foster home (I used to be a foster mom!) where someone with expertise and resources could take care of the kitten.

It sounds like your parents aren't willing to take the kitten to the vet, but this could pose a risk not only to the kitten, but to your other pets. I rescued a tiny kitten a looooong time ago with similar respiratory symptoms. It turned out, the kitten was orphaned when his (ferral) mother died of rhinotracheitis (sp?). Hopefully your other cats are up to date on their shots, but you should probably get this little guy into the hands of someone who can address his health issues.

But thanks for bringing this kitten in from the cold and taking care of him! And you're a pretty resourceful kid to go looking for answers on the internet!
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thanks. i'll talk to my mom about bringing him to the vet. our vet is very nice and understanding and lives about a minute away. thanks everyone for your help!
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we're calling the vet tomorrow! thanks all were a lot of help!!
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Good, good, good. Don't forget to ask for a price break b/c the cat is a stray. That will help.
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I would take it to the vet and get it checked over and then he should be yours!

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