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OMG, mommy's so sorry

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I was kneeling on the floor to empty the little bit of dry food in Popsie's dish to give him fresh. When I brought the dish back around to set it back on the floor I accidentally smacked him in the side of the face with it. Luckily it wasn't that hard but the dish is tin so it made a daaawng sound. He's OK, I snuggled him and said sorry over and over. He was probably thinking, "You idiot, I was right there. "How could you not see me woman?!"
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Don'tcha hate the sound effects?? He was probably wondering why you didn't at least throw food at him if you were going to be throwing things at him.

And I hate when they rub their faces with their paw for a while just to make you feel really bad. When I got in front of Stumpy mid jump last week and she smacked into the side of my face, she spent ages looking at me, licking at her face.
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The number of times I've thwacked my lot on the head with food bowls.... It's their own fault for being so enthusiastic, they tend to leap up as the bowl is moving down. It doesn't seem to hurt them but the 'doiiiing' sound effect is amusing
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The amount of times I have caught Shark in the face is rather worrying! But it is her own fault for being too eager to have the bowl, as she has a habit of trying to pull it nearer to her as I'm bringing it to the floor
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The amount of times they have "accidentally" clawed me makes up for the times I may bang into them....or maybe they "accidently" claw me BEACUSE i bang into them?
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George always sneaks up on me when I'm brushing my teeth in the bathroom with the door open - he will walk in and sit down next to my feet oh so quietly, and then I turn to walk out and often walk into him!!! If only I could train him to announce his presence with a meow (or perhaps train myself to look down before moving)!!!
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i have done things like that too. they are always forgiving
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I HATE it when that happens...

Course mine love to walk right into the dish as I set it down, and theirs are ceramic bowls...it's a wonder my kitties aren't all 'there' tehehe. And of course, when ever they 'rush' the dish, they always look at me like as if it is MY fault...
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