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Is it an omen

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On a few occasions I've been outside and seen a paticular light on or in someones house flashing. For example, several years ago I went to visit my husband when we both still lived with our parents. I was outside in my car waiting for him to get home from work when a light in the window of the house across the street started going on and off on and off. Right after that at a house down the street an outside light started flashing on, off, on off. I think a third house did it as well. Tonight I was pulling in the driveway and noticed that a few houses down an outside light was doing the same thing. I've seen this happen a few other times too and I always get a strange feeling. I've tried googling omens but can find nothing about it. Would any of you guys know?
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Around here that means the power for that section of town is getting ready to go off.
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I dunno... I make lights fizzle or die outright all the time... that's not an omen, really, just me killing electric things again.
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could just be an electrical issue?

I think omens are just particular to the individual or family, personally.
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omen i thought that was a bad movie?
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I don't know. Sometimes street lights go out when I am under them, it's pretty weird.
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